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Kay Pennington: “I’ve read the January issue page by page! Most inspired by Tara Moore and the success story of The Spa at Galgorm. It’s now more than ever I appreciate sharing business trends and plans for the future. Thank you.”

@cornish_beauty_rooms: “Thank you [for the mastering social media PB Upskills session]. It was really informative and I’ve taken away lots of advice and tips ”

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Major beauty trends for 2021: waste-free, self-care and brazen brows

Stefannie Larkman, owner of The Face Queen, The Little Retreat Nottingham and The Little Retreat Day Spa Norfolk, commented: “Self-care while people are at home has become a priority and self-care boxes have been huge for us. Skinfluencing has also been key. I had never talked on our Instagram before the first lockdown and I quickly realised that people wanted to see, hear and interact with us. This has hugely benefitted the salon during lockdown and resulted in record retail skincare sales. This is something we do now on a regular basis. If you haven’t done this, give it a go as you won’t regret it. ”


Will your salon or spa be more vocal on social media about political and social issues this year?

35% YES

65% NO

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PB Upskills: Tough Talk Live with Hellen Ward

Samantha Davidson, SPMU artist and company director of All Your Beauty Needs, Essex, commented: “I really enjoyed watching this video. Bringing a new product and brand to market has been extremely challenging, especially with Covid-19 restrictions, but it also feels like my choice to upscale is, like Hellen says, a great comfort. I feel I have done the right thing. I’m so glad we have bodies like Professional Beauty and their visiting specialists to keep us connected. I’ve got lots of ideas and have received encouragement from these videos through lockdown. Thank you guys. ” 

Jasmina Connelly, master trainer and founder of Roseline Academy, Liverpool, commented: “Just came across this chat. Thank you for doing this, I really enjoyed listening and got some great advice out of it as well. ”

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Professional Beauty