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In an effort to promote a safer working space for clients and staff in the reopening phase, REM has launched Remsan - a new virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant in a 750ml spray bottle. The release coincides with REM’s new five-step, five-minute process for cleaning - wipe surface, spray surface with Remsan, check out your last client, greet your new client, and then wipe the sanitised surface dry for your new client. The spray is perfumed for a fresh fragrance in your salon space.

RRP: £35.95 01281 619977


Hydro Masque Exfoliant from Dermalogica is a five-minute masque that delivers gentle exfoliation and boosted hydration in one step. Ingredients include bamboo spheres, which dissolve upon activation to deliver a targeted yet gentle exfoliation; snow mushroom, which infuses skin with hydration, antioxidants and vitamin C; and phytolipids from jojoba seed, sunflower and safflower, which help fortify the skin’s moisture barrier. Also included is sugar beets, which deliver hydrating amino acids, and cucumber extract for a soothing finish.

Trade: £26.60 0800 917 7147

Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini has launched the Eco-Refill Collection, consisting of moisturisers for specific skin needs packaged in refillable and recyclable containers. New products in the collection include Excel Therapy O2 Pollution Defense Youthfulness Activating Oxygenating Cream and Timexpert SRNS Pro 60+ Extra-Nourishing Highly Demanding Cream. Also new is the Timexpert Rides Age Cure, a chrono-programmed 30-day, three-product homecare programme, which renews and densifies skin while tackling lines.

Trade: £45.53 for Excel Therapy cream; £74.85 for Timexpert SRNS cream; £67.50 for Timexpert Rides Age Cure 0845 600 0203


Salon System has launched six fashion-inspired additions to the Gellux Minis range. Shimmering Heart of Gold, hot pink Once and Floral, superbright Pink Punch, classic Really Red, the pale shimmer Tease Me Teal and sparkling pink Rose Pearl. The range already included 24 shades in an 8ml trial size. The bottle also has a practical “true colour” filled swatch on top to make each shade easily recognisable on the shelf.

Trade: £7.25 each 020 8573 9907

Sensory Retreats

Sensory Retreats has begun selling the Double Porcelain Lava Shell Collection to accommodate clients that would prefer their own Shell used during salon or spa treatments. The collection includes two hand-crafted, hand-painted porcelain shells that are designed to replicate the appearance of natural tiger-striped clam shells. The products are non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean, and come packaged in a travel bag for easy transport between treatments.

Trade: £25 01295 235511 (Shared Beauty Secrets)


Make-up brand Mii has released a range of new products, including the limited-edition Molten Luxe Baked Palette, consisting of blendable shades infused with mango seed butter and sweet almond oil for hydration. The shades include bronze-coloured Burnish; rose Adorn; gold Gilded and copper Ignite. Also new is Mii’s Shimmer and Sparkle Mineral Dust, available in shades Beguile, Heavenly and Halo, with the mineral formulas offering a subtle shimmer or unlocking pigment for a metallic reflection.

Trade: £14.98 for Molten Luxe Baked Palette; £10.47 each for Shimmer and Sparkle Mineral Dust 0345 217 1360 (Gerrard International)


Designed by founders Dee and Sascha Gossen, Yours has launched a new Botanical Love Stamping Plate collection, including the natureinspired Going Wild and floral-centric Lovely Flowers, as well as Butterfly Garden and Fine Marble. Also new is the Elements range, which has 16 shades of cosmetic-grade pigment, including mixable colours and pearls. They can be applied to an inhibition layer of gel-polish or mixed with gel, acrylic or lacquer polish. They are plastic-free and distributed in paper packaging that uses 90% less plastic.

Trade: £7.45 for Botanical Love Stamping Plate Collection 0113 217 3803 (Sweet Squared)

Benny Hancock

International pro make-up artist Benny Hancock has launched a range of men’s make-up under his own name, focused on offering lightweight and invisible products. The range includes Moisturising Face Perfecter, an all-in-one moisturiser and foundation which provides hydration and buildable coverage; Corrective Pen, a Beard Definer, Bronzer, Buffing Brush, Brow Definer and Hydrating Lip Balm. Also new is the Virtual Try-On Mirror, which uses the camera on your phone or computer to preview products and experiment with shades and colours.

Trade: from £5.25 to £19.25 01494 674097

The Gel Bottle Inc

The Gel Bottle Inc has released The SwatchPro, designed to offer ease of use by reducing issues with messy and entangled swatches. Both professionals and clients will be able to try multiple colours over their nails with a single swatch line, accommodating nail art swatches and acrylics. The product comes packed in a slim white case which holds up to 120 swatches and includes extra nail tips to allow for swapping and replacing colours. Each swatch line is detachable with a click out and click in system.

Trade: £39 for one SwatchPro; £75 for two SwatchPros with free stickers and glue; £190 for five SwatchPros with free stickers and glue 0333 772 0965

Salon System

As well as new launches in its Gellux range, Salon System has introduced Just Wax Expert Advanced Hot Wax Cream, which has a soft, creamy texture on the skin. The flexible formula is fast-setting and has a fresh orange aroma. Using a low working temperature that grasps the hair, not the skin, the wax is ideal for larger areas. Salon System has also launched a no-rinse Hand Cleansing Gel and an all-in-one Nail+File Cleansing Spray.

Trade: £12.85 for Hot Wax Cream; £4.25 for Hand Cleansing Gel; £8.25 for Nail+File Cleansing Spray 020 8573 9907

Tan Truth

Tan Truth has launched a new, modern brand look and feel, which also contributes to the reduction of plastic waste. Its new packaging is fully recyclable and made of up to 50% recycled material, and there’s also been a change in formulation and brand messaging. Now, all products are 100% vegan friendly, as well as being packed with superfood boosts, skin firming technology and hyaluronic acid.

Trade: from £7.49 0141 812 5000

Dr Renaud

Dr Renaud, distributed by Skin Evolution, has launched three new products into its Les Eaux Rayonnates fragrance collection with a set of limited-edition Hand Creams. With ingredients of 97% natural origin, the creams use aloe vera to hydrate, glycerin to moisturise, vitamin E for its antioxidant properties and vitamin B5 for its invigorating treatment of nails. The three new fragrances include Brassee de Roses, which uses roses and tea blossoms; Miel Gourmand, with scents of mimosa bouquet and honeysuckle; and Granite D’ete, using aromas of tangerine and grapefruit.

Trade: £4.75 01280 817881


Espa’s new Tri-Active Regenerating Bio-Retinol Sleeping Serum tackles the visible signs of skin ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexions, as clients sleep. Its key ingredients are a trio of botanical bio retinols, formulated to deliver the benefits of retinol without the associated irritation or photosensitivity. The product has been shown in trials to leave skin looking visibly rejuvenated after four weeks’ use.

RRP: £80 01606 336349


Bioderma has launched Photoderm Spot Age SPF50+, offering broad-spectrum suncare boosted with antioxidants to prevent and correct signs of photo-ageing, such as sunspots, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Formulated with vitamin C, vitamin E, centella asiatica and ascorbyl glucoside, Spot Age SPF50+ limits the production and oxidation of melanin, reducing the risk of immediate pigmentation and sun spots. The gel creme is resistant to high heat, humidity and water. It’s suitable for use as a make-up base and is non-comedogenic.

Trade: £16.50 07511 054719

Institut Esthederm

Vitamin C Gel-Cream promises to reduce the intensity of existing dark spots, even out skin tone and restore radiance by protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals. The cream is suitable for all skin types and designed for use as a two-month intensive treatment. Also new is the Propolis+ range, which targets dilated pores, shininess, blackheads and residual marks while reinforcing skin protection against oxidative stress. Products include Concentrate Serum, Skin Perfecting Cream and Purifying Mask.

Trade: £64 for Vitamin C Gel-Cream; £48 for Propolis+ Concentrate Serum; £42 for Skin Perfecting Cream; £28 for Purifying Mask 07523 9092

Eve Taylor London

Eve Taylor’s new Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device is a handheld, therapistuse tool designed to supercharge facial treatments. The device can be used within facials to achieve results beyond manual application. It offers multiple functions - the Exfoliate setting uses ultrasound to dislodge dulling skin cells, the Clarify setting deep cleanses and softens skin for comedone extractions, and the Ionise setting helps infuse professional-use products into the skin.

Trade: £60 01733 260161

Naf! Stuff

The latest range in the product brand created by Naf! salon is Safe, Happy Hands. It includes a 50ml hand sanitiser spray and a 50ml hydrating hand mist for retail, plus a 500ml refill bottle of the sanitiser that can either be used in salon or retailed to clients to use to top up their smaller versions and cut down on packaging waste. Naf! has partnered with Scottish company Beauty Kitchen, meaning all packaging can be sent back to be washed and resused.

Trade: £7 for hand mist; £5 for 50ml sanitiser; £11 for 500ml sanitiser

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This article appears in the September 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty