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Getting your spa and team back up and running as adequately as you can while adhering to the Government’s rules around social distancing has been a top priority during the month of July; with more than a quarter (29%) of you extending your opening hours so you can see more spa-goers per day, as well as around a fifth (21%) increasing their treatment prices to help make the business profitable again.

Email marketing can be a valuable tool to help grow your spa business during these tough times, but you have to get your messaging right. Business coaches Ryan and Hollie Power explain how to do this effectively, covering subject lines and when to sell and not sell, on page 79.

However, although you have been making great strides to return the spa to some sense of normality, only 39% of you have been able to bring your whole team back from furlough full-time, while 11% have been able to bring back 70% of their spa workers Yet, a staggering 18% of you have only been able to bring back 5% of your team full-time.

On the spot

What percentage of your team have you brought back from furlough full-time?

1. 100% (39%)

2. 5% (18%)

3. 70% (11%)

4. 40% (7%)

5. 50% (7%)

Which treatment are clients most excited to have again?

1. Massage (39%)

2. Facial (25%)

3. Waxing (11%)

4. Pedicure (7%)

5. Manicure (4%)

6. Brow treatment (4%)

7. Lash treatment (4%)

21% have increased, or are planning to increase, their treatment prices on reopening

Which piece of PPE have your therapists found it the most uncomfortable to wear?

1. Mask (54%)

2. Visor (25%)

3. Other (21%)

29% are extending their opening hours so they can see more clients per day

This article appears in the September 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the September 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty