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Face treatments account for over 50% of business for most beauty salons

More than three quarters (78%) of all beauty businesses usually take more than 50% of their revenue from face treatments, with 22% deriving more than 90% of their income from these services.

Similarly, for 78% of respondents, face treatments usually account for more than 50% of appointments. For 24% of salons, these treatments account for more than 90% of bookings.

As part of our #FaceValue campaign, Professional Beauty conducted research into the value of face treatments and the impact the Government’s restrictions had on beauty businesses. The survey attracted a massive 2,902 responses, including a mix of beauty salons and self-employed therapists.

The survey also confirmed that beauty is a female-dominated industry, with 78% stating that more than 90% of employees are women.

The research also found that £2,344 per week is the average amount each beauty business earned from face treatments pre-lockdown. Government restrictions on face treatments kept 32% of beauty businesses closed completely.

The face treatments clients missed most are brow treatments - with 32% of businesses saying this is usually their most popular face treatment, followed by facials (25%), lash treatments (16%), facial waxing (5%) and make-up application (4%).

This article appears in the September 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the September 2020 Issue of Professional Beauty