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3D-lipo’s latest launch is the Lasersculpt, a device that uses a 1060nm diode laser to achieve a reduction on areas of stubborn fat. The laser energy is delivered through the epidermis via applicators secured onto the treatment area, without affecting the skin. Fat cells are heated to between 42-47ºC, damaging the structure of the cells, which are then eliminated from the body naturally by the lymphatic system. The brand says the treatment can be effective in as little as 25 minutes.

Trade: £40,000 (introductory offer: £30,000) 01788 550440


Replacing the discontinued Quantum, CACI’s new Sculpt system focuses solely on body toning, with the addition of some new contouring programmes. The brand says the machine provides “measurable inch loss” and sculpted, firmer and more defined body contours. The system features 20 pre-set programmes that work by using muscle impulse stimulation combined with bio feedback auto adjustment technology, which constantly measures and adjusts the device’s electrical impulses to sync with the client’s heartbeat. The pulses are delivered in short burst waves to keep muscles contracting and relaxing.

Trade: price on request 020 8731 5678

Baldan Group

The Italian manufacturer recently released the Infra Baldan 3.0, a machine that combines a stationary exercise bike with infrared lights to activate aerobic metabolism and promote weight loss. Sensors are built in to the device to measure a client’s heartbeat, the data of which is converted into “action pulses” of infrared radiation at precise times to tailor-make the treatment. The Infra Baldan also features a TV screen, allowing clients to watch an episode of their favourite series during their 40-minute session.

Trade: price on request 020 3488 2938


CryoS3 uses cryolipolysis to achieve slimming and toning of the body, as well as rejuvenating facial treatments. Fat cells are eliminated by rapidly cooling the skin to temperatures as low as -8ºC. Unlike some other fat freezing devices, CryoS3 doesn’t use suction cups but instead has a handset, meaning the therapist never leaves the client unattended and has constant control of the treatment. Treatments can be performed every two weeks and last for 30 minutes.

Trade: £18,000 020 3488 4058


New from the laser and IPL brand is Onda, billed as the world’s first microwave body-shaping device. Manufactured by Italian company Deka, the platform uses coolwaves technology that bypasses the uppermost layers of skin tissue to deliver more energy directly to the subcutaneous fat cells. Onda treatments target cellulite and skin tightening, stimulating and shrinking collagen fibres. Onda’s two different-sized, patent-pending “smart” handpieces are designed to emit energy in a controlled way, only affecting the intended area.

Trade: price on request 01477 536 977

Advanced Esthetics Solutions

Lipofirm Pro combines tri lipo radiofrequency with dynamic muscle activation in a single applicator to deliver noninvasive fat reduction, skin tightening and lymphatic drainage. Radiofrequency energy generates heat through tissue resistance, while focused electro-heating of the skin leads to collagen remodelling in the dermal layer. Drainage of the released fat is accelerated by simultaneous application of internal and external pressure on the fat layer via pulses that cause the muscle to contract, pushing the fat cells up, while the applicator presses the skin from above.

Trade: £29,950 02920 231228

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This article appears in the April 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty