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International Nail Championships

The International Nail Championships took place on one day rather than two this year, so competition was even tighter. 2019’s standout competitors included Barbara Preil-Kovács, who won both Nail Masters and the overall title of Ultimate Master, and Anna Zawadzinska, who placed second in both Nail Masters and One Stroke Nail Art and took home the trophy for Boxed Mixed Media. The full line-up of winners is…

Gel Polish

Winner: Monika Kupien

Second: Steph Mendiola

Third: Remigija Jepicenko

Salon Nail

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Winner: Raluca Nistorescu

Second: Simone Radley

Third: Kayley Cairns

Pink & White Competition Style

Winner: Joanna Nawrocka

Second: Agnes Dullo

Third: Simone Radley

Dip System

Winner: Kirsty McDonough

Second: Thuy Tran

Third: Rachel Ridout

Boxed Mixed Media

Winner: Anna Zawadzinska

Second: Sinead Bulley

Third: Kayley Cairns

One Stroke Boxed

Winner: Anna Kozlowska

Second: Anna Zawadzinska

Third: Barbara Preil-Kovács

Photographic Classic

Winner: Steph Mendiola

Second: Lisa Graves

Joint third: Kayleigh Green, Barbara Preil-Kovács, Kayley Cairns

Voter’s choice: Joanna Nawrocka

Photographic Nail Art

Winner: Kayley Cairns

Second: Kayleigh Green

Third: Simone Radley

Voter’s choice: Natalie Mugridg

Nail Masters

Winner: Barbara Preil-Kovács

Second: Anna Zawadzinska

Third: Andreea Simona Ignat

Ultimate Master

Barbara Preil-Kovács

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This article appears in the April 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty