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Blog: Where to invest in fitness for your spa

The fitness trends set to impact the spa industry through 2019 surround a greater integration of services, says Daniel Remon, founder of Bangkok-based Fitcorp Global, a health coaching company. The emergence of wellness as a lifestyle is bridging the gap between traditional fitness and spa, he says. Find out why he thinks there will be greater demand for fitness coaches and nutritionists, as well as stress and work-life balance coaching, under one roof in spas.


Blog: 11 ways to prevent no-shows in your beauty salon

No-shows and cancellations are an unfortunate inevitability of the beauty industry. Guinot therapist Tahira Khan gives 11 tips to help you handle no-show appointments in your salon, reducing the financial costs to your business.


Blog: Why you should never skip the consultation

Christina Ryan, senior account handler at Professional Beauty Direct insurance, explains the potential dangers and costs involved if you miss out on checking whether your client has any contraindications to the treatment they are having.

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This article appears in the April 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the April 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty