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Emma Catchpole (@embracebeauty88): Such a motivating and inspiring seminar at the Professional Beauty Show on Sunday; was the highlight of my day.

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Grace Belgravia closes, blaming Brexit

Kirsty Mawhinney, director of brand agency Skin Insight, commented: “This is truly devastating news. We will miss you #gracebelgravia. When is the professional beauty and skincare industry going to unite as one? Operators, suppliers, beauty therapists, spa owners and clients? We have a number of issues to address: staff recruitment, employee wages, treatment pricing and product offerings.”

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Editor’s comment: Why we need to protect the future of the beauty workforce

Kate Jangaria, owner of Salon Expert, commented: “This has happened to my daughter and I’m fuming! She’s 15 and didn’t know what she wanted to do. We found an apprenticeship scheme that she was so excited for and they love her. We have submitted her CV already and she’s likely to get the job. Then, two weeks ago, a careers advisor went into the school. They told her to stay and do her A-levels and a media course that she has no interest in. My other daughter left school at 15 and I got her straight into a beauty apprenticeship with a private college and she’s thriving. She’s just started her Level 3 apprenticeship and is so happy.

“Schools need to let kids have independent and honest opinions on their options. To set a kid back two years just so they can get funding is wrong!”


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