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Mesoestetic Global Eyecon

Global Eyecon is a new, targeted programme to treat under-eye bags, dark circles, drooping upper eyelids, wrinkles and expression lines in the eye area.

While Mesoestetic says results are visible after just one session, the full programme comprises six, alternating three periocular peel treatments with three transepidermal sessions. The peel has been formulated with a gel-like texture to prevent migration into the eyes and has anti-ageing, anti-fatigue and anti-pigmentaion properties.

In the transepidermal session, periocular solution is applied to further target pigmentation and congestion around the eye area. A soothing, hydrogel eye mask, followed by an application of suitable photoprotection products, completes each session.

Mesoestetic recommends charging £75 to £95 per 30-minute treatment or £549 for a course of six. Call the brand on 01625 529540

Esse Probiotic Ampoule Facial

New to the UK, Esse is a South African skincare brand that uses one billion live probiotics per millilitre of product. Its 60-minute Probiotic Ampoule Facial is billed as the first live probiotic treatment, and boosts the skin’s microflora while minimising signs of ageing. After a detailed consultation, the therapist creates a bespoke facial choosing from the Esse product collection of Living Probiotics (good bacteria) and Prebiotics (food for good bacteria).

The treatment starts with a triple but gentle cleanse that doesn’t damage the skin’s microflora, followed by exfoliation. Up next is the Esse signature lymphatic drainage massage, which provides 15 minutes of relaxation, followed by the application of a firming eye mask and bespoke face mask to the skin, neck and décolletage. The finishing touches are eye cream and prebiotic-laden moisturiser, selected by the therapist to suit the client.

Esse recommends charging £120 for 60 minutes. Call the brand on 07704 246240

Akwaterra Massage

This new, specialist massage technique aims to induce a sense of peace using different shaped, water-filled pods, in conjunction with essential oils, to apply a continuous flow of pressure all over the body. A warming plate quickly heats the pods to the correct temperature, retaining consistent heat throughout the treatment. Filled with warm water, the pods can be used to heal while removing knots, stress and tension.

Alternatively, the pods can be placed in iced water to create an invigorating wellbeing treatment that triggers the drainage of toxins and stimulates circulation. Therapists can apply a variety of massage techniques, with a rhythmical and continuous flow of moves, tailoring pressure as appropriate.

Distributor Spa Voyage recommends charging £85 for a 60-minute treatment. Call the brand on 01483 450830

This month we tried… The Byonik laser facial

The lowdown: The Byonik is the first skin-rejuvenation system to be guided by the patient’s pulse. The laser simultaneously delivers two wavelengths, 658nm and 806nm, and adjusts its frequency to the individual’s pulse throughout the entire treatment, allowing for maximum antioxidant absorption into the skin cells. The laser technology is non-invasive and painless with no downtime or thermal action. It stimulates cell metabolism, protects telomeres and improves cellular function to treat the signs of ageing.

The experience: I was in need of a bit of R&R so it was nice to lie back on the heated treatment bed and enjoy an hour-long facial with Sarah-Jayne Tipper from Pure Swiss Aesthetics at The Four Seasons Hotel in Mayfair, London.

The Byonik’s three-step procedure to “power up” each individual cell maximises the skin’s regenerative capacity and slows down the cellular ageing process. The skin cells are activated when they receive the treatment. The Byonik Hyaluronic Acid Gel is massaged into the skin before each pass of the laser. The gel’s molecules penetrate to their predetermined depth within the skin during the laser treatment. There are three gels to choose from, depending on the client’s skin type and concerns. All three of the HA Gels are Ecocertcertified and paraben-free.

The verdict: I felt thoroughly rejuvenated afterwards and my skin looked great the next day. I was given post-treatment aftercare to take home – the Byonik Concur Anti-pollution and Anti-ageing skincare, which strengthens and nourishes the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Business benefits: Treatments can be carried out year round, even after sun exposure and during pregnancy. It works alongside invasive and non-invasive treatments such as injectables, threads, skin peels and all common lasers, to support skin integrity and boost recovery, so it’s a very versatile product for any business.

Tried by Vicky Eldridge

Pure Swiss Aesthetics recommends charging from £275 for the hour-long treatment. Call the brand on 01621 828384


This article appears in the April 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the April 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty