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Baldan Group Iridium Eye Pressotherapy

This 10-minute lymphatic drainage treatment targets the eye area, aiming to promote deeper penetration of products, induce relaxation, and prevent puffiness and swelling. It’s designed as an add-on to facials and other salon treatments. Placed on the skin, the device is fitted with disposable woven bandages to ensure good hygiene standards and a speedy turnaround between clients. Once in place, the device’s massage motion drains fluid from bags under the eyes and stimulates acupressure points to relieve muscle tension in the forehead and eye contour area, reducing stress and fatigue. It is gently heated to improve blood circulation, providing relief to dry eyes and allowing for better product absorption. Meditation music is built into the device, creating an atmosphere of tranquility to induce a sense of wellness.

The Baldan Group recommends charging £20 per treatment. Call the brand on 020 3488 2938

LPG Endermologie Hand Treatment

Exposed to the elements and often neglected, the hands can reveal a person’s true age. In response, LPG has refined its Endermologie technology to offer a dedicated treatment for the hand area, aiming to reverse the signs of ageing.

Prior to treatment, the therapist discusses the client’s desired outcome and assesses the quality of the skin, including any age damage, to determine what strength of the Cellu M6 Alliance to use. The treatment head then applies a gentle stimulation to the skin for 10 minutes, or longer if the client requires it. Much like when it is used on the rest of the body and face, the treatment naturally stimulates the skin’s surface, reactivating cells and firming tissue.

As a result, the company says hyaluronic acid production is increased by up to 80%, boosting suppleness, skin is firmed by up to 70%, and fine lines are smoothed by up to 87%. For optimum results – and to provide a retail opportunity – the treatment can be combined with application of the brand’s Anti-Ageing Hand and Lip Cream.

LPG recommends charging £20 per 10 minutes. Call distributor Technical Laser Care on 01462 337224

The Natural Spa Factory Mother’s Day 2019 treatments

British spa skincare brand The Natural Spa Factory has launched a capsule collection of treatments for Mother’s Day, combining ancient spa rituals with indulgent ingredients.

The Marine Collagen & Caviar Facial commences with a deep cleanse using the brand’s Caviar and Gold Cleanser, followed by a marine collagen-infused face mask. Clients then relax into this nutrient-rich facial with a detoxing neck and shoulder seaweed massage.

To conclude, there’s an application of the brand’s radiance-boosting Gold Serum and Moisturiser.

The other treatment is Rose Revival Rasul, a 45-minute therapy involving a scrub, application of therapeutic muds, steam and hydrating body milk.

The Natural Spa Factory recommends charging £80 for the 60-minute facial and £60 for the 45-minute rasul for two people. Call the company on 01225 582888

This month we tried… Guinot Lift Summum Treatment

The lowdown: The latest firming facial from Guinot uses stimulating massage techniques and active ingredients to reduce signs of ageing and fatigue. It’s aimed at older clients who want to target loss of firmness, as well as younger customers invested in age prevention.

The 50-minute facial is split into three parts – manual lifting, serum “filler” Wrinkle Eraser to plump out lines, and radiance-boosting masks for the face and décolleté.

The experience: I headed to The Guinot Salon in Earlsield, London, for my facial where I was greeted by franchise owner Justyna Rostek. She began with a double exfoliation using papaya extract and fruit acids, followed by a firming massage – the longest part of the treatment.

Lifting movements were then performed to redeine my facial contours. Starting on the jaw line and working her way up, Rostek switched between long, sweeping motions and quick, pinching techniques to stimulate cells and boost skin elasticity. The pressure was firm and created a tightening sensation. Next came the brand’s Wrinkle Eraser serum “filler”, which was worked into my fine lines using a roller ball applicator. Packed with mahogany bark extract, which stimulates collagen XVIII synthesis to help counteract slackening, and longevitine, which boosts hyaluronic acid synthesis, it works to smooth and plump the skin.

A sheet mask containing active ingredients was applied to my face and another brightening mask to my décolleté, with both left for 10 minutes while a hand and arm massage was performed. The treatment finished with application of eye and face cream.

The verdict: I was pleased with how noticeable my cheek bones were afterwards; they looked a lot more lifted. This facial would be ideal for clients who want to tackle stubborn wrinkles.

Business benefits: It’s a hardworking anti-ageing treatment and as such should be marketed to older customers as well as busy city workers who want quick results in their lunch hour. Clients are also gifted the Wrinkle Eraser post-treatment to use at home.

Tried by Amanda Pauley Guinot recommends charging £82 for the 50-minute treatment. Call the brand on 01344 873123

Thalgo Brightening Lumière Marine treatment

This new treatment targets dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It is suitable for all skin types and can be tailor-made to suit individual clients.

It commences with an application of Resurfacing Cream, which contains corundum, on cleansed skin. Thalgo’s Gentle Clarifying Peel with gluconic and phytic acids is then applied to each dark spot and left to work for eight minutes before an even layer is spread over the whole of the face, then neutralised with the Post-Peel solution.

This is followed by an application of the Brightening Mask, which is packed with vitamin C, skin-boosting active oxygen and balancing brown algae extract. The mask is also brushed on each skin mark before being spread over the entire face. The treatment culminates with the brand’s Brightening Cream, applied in light, effleurage movements, followed by Sunscreen SPF 50+.

Thalgo recommends charging £50 for the 90-minute treatment (or £75 within London). Call the company on 020 7512 0872

This month we tried… Filorga CryoLED Facial

The lowdown: Designed to give an instant lifting and tightening effect, as well as rehydrating the skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the CryoLED protocol combines a number of treatment modalities. It can also help with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne. Business owner Joanne Fuller from Joanne Fuller Beauty in Hamstreet, Kent, where I tried the treatment, has added her own touches to make it deeply relaxing.

The experience: I was treated to a neck and shoulder massage and a full skin cleanse before a light peel to remove the top layer of cells, which helps the products used in treatment penetrate deeper. Fuller then mixed up the Filorga serums. There’s a choice of four, containing concentrated doses that can be layered to create a tailored, high-performance response to the skincare diagnosis.

Then, using controlled thermal shock via the patented CryoLED device, my skin’s temperature was cooled to well below freezing (-18ºC) in a matter of minutes using a cryo-probe. This leads to tightening of the microcirculation blood stream, then dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries, which helps lush toxins and impurities and increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.

The next stage was a hydrating Hyaluronic Youth Mask, which my skin lapped up. Then Fuller used the device to perform 15 minutes of light therapy and, to finish, the Skin Perfusion, medi-grade skincare was applied, including a day cream, eye cream and SPF.

The verdict: The treatment was surprisingly relaxing and I loved the cooling sensation. I turned 40 in January and have recently noticed increased signs of ageing around my eyes, so the soothing, de-puffing element in the eye area was great for me. As well as treating the face, the treatment also targets the décolletage, another key concern for me as I get older.

Business benefits: The treatment can be sold as a one-off facial, as results are immediate, or as a course for optimum results. The Cryotherapy element gives this treatment a point of difference.

Tried by Vicky Eldridge Filorga recommends charging £75 to £99 for a 60-minute facial. Call the company on 07392 854949

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This article appears in the March 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty