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Celebrity manicurist Roxanne Campbell has opened her first nail studio in London in collaboration with Rose & Wild Hair Concept.

Campbell has built up her profile in the industry over the last 12 years, working with prestigious designers and creating nails for high-profile celebrities including Adele, Dua Lipa, Jourdan Dunn and Winnie Harlow.

Located on New King’s Road, in Fulham, the Scandi-style, cozy studio features two manicure stations and two pedicure stations.


Orly’s Gel FX Builder in a Bottle is a new soak-off sculpting gel for extensions, which is applied like a soft gel but wears like a hard gel

STEP 1 Cleanse nails for a dry manicure and remove shine with a 180-grit file, softening edges of file before use, then paint Gel FX Primer onto the entire nail

STEP 2 Apply Gel FX Perfect Fit Nail Forms then use Gel FX Builder in a Bottle to sculpt tips to desired length onto one third of the nail plate, just above the free edge, and lash cure for 10 seconds

STEP 3 Apply a thin layer of Builder in a Bottle onto the entire nail surface, reinforce the sidewalls but do not cure, then float a bead of the gel down the centre of the nail to create an arch. Flash cure for 10 seconds then repeat on all nails and finish with a full cure of 30 seconds

STEP 4 Remove the forms, cleanse nails with alcohol, then file, shape, buff and cleanse again to remove debris before applying your chosen gel colour and topcoat, curing each layer for 30 seconds.


Bio Sculpture has launched a refreshed version of its treatment range with a strong onus on nail health. The Ethos range includes eight products with some new and improved formulas. Completely new products include Volcanic Base, to strengthen soft nails, Seaweed Calcium Base, to promote flexibility and suppleness in hard, dry and brittle nails, and Oxycoat, which is designed to nourish the nail from the base up.

In launching the range, Bio Sculpture says it wants to increase and promote nail health in a way that makes the treatments easier to understand. The products come in elegant, debossed packaging.

This article appears in the March 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the March 2019 Issue of Professional Beauty