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Milly May (@MillyMay): Love this by @ProfessionalBeautyUK. Your eyes just naturally gravitate to that area, it doesn’t matter how hard you try. Awkward!


Following the story that the Royal Society for Public Health wants the beauty industry to stop using the phrase “anti-ageing”, do you think the term should be banned on products?

57% NO

43% YES

Clare Rogers (@treatmentroom):

Read @pro_beauty’s story “Darphin withdraws from UK and Ireland salon and spa markets”. It’s hard for salons and spas to find good treatment-led brands when so many just want to focus on retail.

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Therapists reveal most shocking salon experiences

Carrie Greer, beauty therapist at The Little Mountain Spa, commented: “Love this – that special level of intimacy and hilarity you have with your client. For me, it’s the time I was bikini waxing with the client’s bottom in the air and I complemented her on her ring. Awkward silence followed by hysterical laughter. We were talking about her wedding planning before and my comment was about her bobby dazzler engagement ring #badtiming #bikiniwaxing

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Respect for our industry

Elly Hogg, co-founder of Laundry Communications, commented: “Enjoying the latest issue of @pro_beauty01 and I came across the ‘Respect for our industry’ article by the inspirational Hellen Ward. For too long our industry has been dismissed as frivolous or a career for the ‘thick’. It’s a huge £7 billion (in the UK) industry which is growing fast, and one in which women are genuinely well represented. I agree with Hellen; this lazy and ignorant stereotype has roots in sexism. Here’s to strong women changing the perception of the beauty industry and blowing the ignorant stereotypes out of the water.”

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty August 2018 Issue of Professional Beauty