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Katherine Daniels Skin Perfecting Antioxidant Treatment

Katherine Daniels’ new superfood facial is aimed at clients who want to target uneven skin tone and pigmentation, as well as boost luminosity and collagen production.

The 60-minute treatment begins with an in-depth cleanse using the brand’s Deep Cleansing and Skin Rejuvenating System and the relaxation sequence featuring the Warm Grape Seed Thermal Pillow, before application of two antioxidant-rich masks.

The peel-off Skin Perfector Exfoliating Mask is packed with enzymes from pineapple and papaya and fruit acids from kiwi to exfoliate dead skin. It’s left to work for 10 minutes, during which a soothing neck and shoulder massage is performed to ease muscle tension. When the mask is removed, the therapist conducts a lifting facial massage.

Next comes the Skin Perfector Anti-Oxidant Mask, which contains vitamin C to kick-start collagen and elastin production, and fucowhite from brown seaweed to help regulate patchy pigmentation.

A head, hand and arm massage is done while the mask works its magic.

The facial finishes with skin defence concentrate, face and eye cream and lip balm.

Katherine Daniels recommends charging between £55 to £80 for the treatment, depending on region. Call the brand on 01767 682288

Eve Taylor Skin Profiling Analysis

Professional skincare brand Eve Taylor has launched its own skin analysis and assessment system to help its accounts offer the best service possible to clients, as well as drive retail sales.

The Skin Profiling Analysis device provides a thorough breakdown of clients’ skin, determining its type as well as any conditions, such as acne or pigmentation, and the reasons for them. It incorporates the company’s Systems of Analysis specialist technique, which considers how internal imbalances can reflect in the face and indicate things such as digestive problems, poor elimination and respiratory stress.

The brand says the system will help therapists give clients the results they want from the right treatments and homecare. It can be offered as a free five-minute standalone analysis to time-poor clients or as a chargeable service when combined with the comprehensive 30-minute Eve Taylor consultation.

Eve Taylor recommends charging £20 for the treatment as part of the full Eve Taylor consultation, with any retail sales offset against the cost of service. Call the brand on 01733 260161

This month we tried… The Eyelash Emporium GDL – Gravity Defying Lashes

The lowdown: Lash lifts are big business right now and GDL promises clients a wide-eyed look in their lunch break by straightening from the root. The treatment gently breaks down the bonds in the hairs and resets them, curling them around a shield.

The experience: From the moment I tried my first lash lift treatment, I was a total convert, so I jumped at the chance of testing out this latest one, which hit the market in October. Having done a patch test in advance, I had GDL at a pop-up in the Sanderson Hotel, London, where the Eyelash Emporium trainers were treating press.

Sticky pads were applied to hold my lower lashes out of the way, then shields applied to my upper lids, for the top lashes to be curled around. The treatment itself was then very straightforward – application of one solution to weaken the hairs then, once that was removed, another to reset them in the new, curled position. Finally, a tint was applied for 15 minutes and I was good to go.

The verdict: GDL gave my lashes a subtle but beautiful curl that’s still going strong four weeks later and, according to the brand, should last for up to eight weeks in total, gradually dropping as new lashes grow through.

I love that there’s zero maintenance with this treatment (other than keeping the lashes dry for 24 hours) and that you don’t that get that patchy look that extensions leave you with if you don’t have the time for regular in-fills.

Business benefit: Other than tapping into an on-trend treatment, training in GDL could give you some serious profit potential. With a cost per treatment of £5.17, The Eyelash Emporium says salons can expect to make an average profit per treatment of around £29.83-£49.83. Training is via a one-day course, which costs £299 including kit.

The Eyelash Emporium recommends charging £35 to £55 (depending on region) for the treatment. Call the brand on 01753 650656 Tried by Eve Oxberry

Skin Evolution Kleraderm Amber Spheres Treatment

Italian skincare brand Kleraderm has launched a 90-minute full-body massage which claims to help clients “regain balance and a feeling of wellbeing” using amber-infused products.

Beginning with a full-body scrub, removing dead cells using Amber and Argan Nature Oil alongside a golden Amber Exfoliator, the therapist then moves on to a 60-minute drainage massage using the brand’s new Amber Spheres.

Made with resin from the Baltic region and containing high levels of succinic acid – known to strengthen the body and improve immunity, the spheres move up and down with ease, removing toxic energy and kneading out knots. They also aid in fighting free radicals, leaving skin smooth and soft.

The Kleraderm Amber Spheres Treatment course is available to book at Skin Evolution’s training centre in Buckinghamshire. Kleraderm recommends charging £70 to £75 for the treatment. Call Skin Evolution on 01280 8178813


This article appears in the Professional Beauty December 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty December 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty