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Claiming a breakthrough in microcurrent technology, Caci’s Synergy device blends microcurrent with phototherapy. This dual action stimulates tissue regeneration and helps in the production of collagen. It uses “high brilliance” red and blue LED, for wound healing and antiseptic benefits respectively, with continuous, pulsed wavelengths to drive the light deeper into the tissue as well as working on the superficial layer.

£12,500 020 8731 5678


The Cube LED Light combines infrared and laser diode technologies to maximise treatment options. It uses red 630nm, blue 470nm, green 527nm and yellow 592nm, which can be applied individually or combined.

The device has a built-in cooling fan to help clients relax, plus an aux cable so they can listen to music during treatment. The brand says the device is ideal for smoothing surface wrinkles, clearing acne, fading pigmentation and reducing the appearance of scars.

£1,750 0131 341 5702


A complete device that uses phototherapy for skin rejuvenation, Dermalux includes blue 415nm, red 633nm and near infrared 830nm. The canopy can deliver all three simultaneously or individually to address specific skin concerns.

The brand claims one 20-minute session instantly energises skin cells for a revitalised complexion, and there are also pre-programmed, 10-minute protocols that can be easily incorporated into other facial treatments.

Lease purchase from £270 per month 0845 689 1789


An LED mask created specifically for the professional market, Déesse Pro uses low-level light therapy through medical-grade LED. Its five wavelengths – blue 415nm, green 520nm, yellow 580nm, red 630nm and near infrared 830nm – work to treat a range of skin conditions, from rosacea and congested acne to accelerated ageing and dull skin tone. The mask has eight pre-programmed treatment modes that combine different wavelengths.

£1,800 0845 1166 242


The Lightfusion treatment combines a hydrogel mask with phototherapy via red light 633nm and infrared 830nm via a modular device that sits directly on the skin but doesn’t cover the eyes, and is secured with Velcro pads.

The facial helps increase collagen synthesis, improve blood flow and eliminate toxins from the skin for overall improved skin health. The phototherapy technology is aided by ingredients in the hydrogel mask, which include probiotics, plant extracts and marine collagen.

£1,500 for a package including product 03330 142 434


The multi-functional 3D-skintech device combines full-canopy LED, including blue, yellow, green and red wavelengths, with rotational diamond peel microdermabrasion, tri-polar radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Blue light helps tackle acne-causing bacteria at the root, yellow targets fine lines and wrinkles, green helps improve pigmentation; and red works on inflammation. The device’s modalities can be used together for a full treatment or cherry picked to deliver exactly what clients need.

£10,000 for a package including product starter kit 01788 550440

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty December 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty