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Hydration, blackheads and sensitivity named top skin health concerns of 2017


Blackheads were the top reported skin concern in 2017, while hydration was the most soughtafter skincare product benefit, revealed data from analyst Euromonitor.

Almost half of consumers prioritised products that hydrated their skin this year, followed by 25% who were looking for those suitable for sensitive skin.

Sensitivity was also the secondmost- reported skin health concern, with almost 30% of 15-19 and 30-44 year olds saying they have sensitive skin.

Also among the top 10 most-reported skin health concerns were, in order, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes and acne, dark spots, redness, whiteheads and acne pits.

The Euromonitor report, Beauty Survey 2017: Key Insights and System Update, said quick fixes to specific skincare issues were of the highest importance to beauty consumers. Survey respondents said products had to offer “measured and proven benefits”.

The report also found that Millennials (20-34) and Generation X (35-49) were the most frequent users of all skincare, apart from hand care, acne treatments and anti-ageing products.

Moisturisers were most frequently used by Generation X, as were cleansers, toners and sunscreen. Anti-ageing products and hand care were most used by Baby Boomers (aged over 50).

Ldiko Szalai, senior analyst at Euromonitor, said: “The ageing global population… and increased consumer awareness of product formulation and ingredients are reflected in evolving beauty routines and attitudes of global consumers.”

This article appears in the Professional Beauty December 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty December 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty