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If you’re looking for something functional that will blend into the sleek aesthetic of your salon or spa, look no further than the three-motor PJS-Ster salon couch. This electric bed is made with a high-quality white PU upholstery for easy cleaning and has a strong metal frame for stability.

It’s fitted with height, backrest and leg inclination, a soft headrest cushion and removable armrests, so you can easily adjust it to suit your client’s needs. It also seamlessly shifts from completely flat to chair position in no time.

Price: £799 Call PJS on 01634 565005


“Treatment couches have changed aesthetically over the past 12 months, not only the type of couch but the style – in particular with frame cases that hide away the metal work, electric control boxes and motors,” says Paul Matthes, director of PJS Beauty Salon Equipment.

“Some couches, like our PJS-Vome, have continuous flowing cushions or come with LED therapy lights and heated sections, while some of the PJS electric couch range now have built-in control panels.”


Cosmetronic’s Lumina is perfect for those who want a chic-looking pedicure chair that won’t break the bank. The unplumbed pedi station has an adjustable footrest, so you can change the positioning to your client’s specification, and a built-in shiatsu massage system to give customers the effect of hand and elbow pressure being applied to their back.

The centre section also slides out for storage – a great place to keep your pedicure bowls – and the chair features a large backrest recline angle, making it ideal for lash and brow services too. The Lumina is available in white, grey or black.

Price: £899 Call Cosmetronic on 01322 290101


“We’re innovating to make the equipment we produce even more price competitive without removing the quality parts we use. For example, adding a three-year warranty to most beds and pedi spas,” says Mitchell Grogan, general manager for Cosmetronic Hair & Beauty Equipment.

“Most UK businesses are now prepared to invest in a good product first time round instead of cutting costs with lower quality equipment.”


This two-motor-powered beauty couch is ideal for pedicure and chiropody work, with tons of features to make the experience a relaxing one. It has full electric height, lift, headrest and backrest, providing a smooth action for clients and ease of use for the therapist, as well as lockable wheels for sturdiness, a removable extended foot rest and face hole with infill.

The upholstery padding is to a high quality, ensuring that the couch is comfortable enough for facials but also firm enough for massage. The Carlton CC400/MB4 is available in white.

Price: £1,125 Call The Carlton Group on 01903 761100


“The market has been blighted in recent years with a flood of cheap imported couches that on first viewing look excellent value for money but quickly disappoint, lacking the durability, longevity and reliability required when used in a busy salon or spa environment,” says Chris Woodhead, managing director of Carlton Beauty and Spa.

“The ability to position a client perfectly is essential to delivery of a firstclass treatment. For that reason, at The Carlton Group, we focus on medicalquality couches designed with client comfort and positioning as priority.”


Living Earth Crafts’ most recent launch Contour LX is a great investment for those who want to upgrade their pedicure services. The stylish pedi chair has commercial-grade chrome plumbing fixtures, Sanjet pipeless hydrotherapy technology, a reinforced fibreglass tub with reflexology nodes and fully motorised cushion seating, ensuring long-lasting use.

The upholstery is made from eco-friendly Naturasoft materials and is available in 13 colours, so you can choose a shade that will fit seamlessly into your salon’s interior design. It also has an embedded control panel, adjustable electric foot rest and power drain pump.

Price: from £5,755 Call Ellisons on 0345 222 8080


“Operators are realising the importance of the couch as a client touch point and are moving to higher specifications and comfort levels to offer a more memorable experience that will encourage them to return,” explains Geoff Morris, managing director of UK supplier Ellisons, which distributes Living Earth Crafts.

“Treatment table innovation from leading manufacturers has started to tap into clients’ emotional wellbeing and mindfulness. Some of the latest Living Earth Crafts products offer moodenhancing acoustic waves and binaural sounds via speakers integrated into the headrest, stimulating visual and aural senses during treatment.”


Gharieni’s MLW Transform switches from comfy sofa to treatment bed in minutes, making it perfect for smaller spas or home-based therapists who are tight on space but want to maximise their services.

The couch detaches from the frame and rolls out, where a headrest can be added, converting it to a treatment bed. It has a built-in battery, electric height and incline to modify the shape to meet the client’s needs, and is equipped with an integrated heating system. It’s also made with a durable leather-look upholstery but can be customised with any fabric.

Price: £6,785 Call Gharieni on +49 2841 883 000


“Multifunctionality is the keyword for the next few years. Multifunctional couches are fundamental for salons and spas in creating innovative signature treatments, with built-in technology that makes the couch an active part of the treatment,” says Gharieni founder Sammy Gharieni.

“So, how much space do you have? Who are your customers? What type of treatments do you want to offer? And so on. If you run a smaller spa with fewer treatment rooms, you might need multifunctional equipment so you can offer a wider range of treatments.”


For those who want to stock eco-friendly equipment in their salon, the Green Prestige bed by Nilo is worth an investment. Built at Maletti Group’s zero-carbon factory, it has been made using recycled and recyclable materials such as wood from FSC-certified forests and eco-leather upholstery.

The four-motor multifunctional massage bed has a curved wooden structure, adjustable height, back and knee rest functionality, and an enclosed lower accessory compartment with drawer. It comes complete with memory foam mattress and collapsible armrests.

Price: £5,398 Call Maletti UK on 020 3207 2032


“The latest innovations are more to do with materials over functionality. Yes, we’re continually looking at improving the functionality, comfort and ergonomics of beauty and spa furniture, but environmental concerns are high on customer agendas,” says Elena Meglioli, national account manager at Maletti, whose divisions include spa furniture brand Nilo.

“Beauty treatments are inexorably linked to nature, so for salon and spa providers it’s important that their environment reflects a connection and synergy with the natural world.

It’s fair to say that the market will move further towards environmental products, both furnishings and cosmetics, with ethical products high on the agenda.”

This article appears in the Professional Beauty November 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty November 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty