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Comfort Zone Aromasoul Elements Massage

Comfort Zone’s latest aromatherapy treatment is a therapeutic massage designed to take clients on a sensorial journey through “four distinct worlds”, using oils inspired by different cultures from its Aromasoul range – Oriental helps reduce muscle cramps; Mediterranean energises and uplifts; Indian detoxifies; and Arabian stimulates microcirculation and soothes irritated skin.

The treatment starts on the client’s back, where the therapist uses kneading rotation, hacking and infinity stroke techniques to relax muscles and restore a sense of balance to the body. Next, fist movements are performed up and then criss-crossed on the legs to ease tension, before Arabian wave movements are conducted from ankle to hip.

The therapist’s attention then turns to the abdomen and arms before finishing with a soothing scalp massage. Comfort Zone recommends charging from £60 for the 60-minute treatment. Call the brand on 020 3846 4166

This month we tried… Guinot Hydra Peeling Skin Renewal Treatment

The lowdown: While modern peels have all but shed their ominous chemical reputation, there are still clients who shy away from anything with the words “acid” and “peel”.

Guinot’s Hydra Peeling Skin Renewal Treatment is a brightening, smoothing peel infused with fruit and flower extracts and has a protocol for sensitive skins, making the whole thing a little less scary.

The treatment: I visited Guinot’s Earlsfield, London, franchise to try the treatment, where manager Justyna Rostek talked me through the sensitive protocol before we got started on my tougher peel.

The only difference in the three-part process is that sensitive skins get a long massage with a mechanical exfoliant that mixes cellulose beads and papaya enzyme instead of the phytic acid (derived from rice grains) that Guinot calls Hydra pH.

The latter lowers the skin’s pH to 1.5, which Rostek tells me is lower than can be achieved by products used by other salon (as opposed to cosmeceutical) brands, while its big molecules mean it works more intensely on the surface of the skin, penetrating to the basal layer.

The acid product – particularly good at sorting dullness, pigmentation and visible signs of ageing – went on first with a brush, which Rostek then used to massage it in for seven minutes. I didn’t feel any tingling, and even though my skin tolerates acids well, I’d be willing to bet this would be a comfortable treatment for anyone. Rostek then smoothed on Hydra Neuve Massage, a cream infused with passion fruit that transforms into an oil, and began a massage.

My pH restored, Rostek mixed up a calming polymerising mask with nourishing camelina oil and gave me a scalp massage for 15 minutes while it set. Eye cream, serum, moisturiser and sun protection finished off the treatment.

Business benefits: This is perfect for clients who are reluctant to step up their treatments to something more aesthetic. The scent of the products and rich textures make for a sensory experience that is sure to convert even the most peel-phobic clients.

Guinot recommends charging £75 for the 45-minute treatment. Call the brand on 0800 590094

This month we tried… Caci Synergy Purifying Facial

The lowdown: This “lunchtime facial” is aimed at clients who want fast results with no downtime. In just 45 minutes, it aims to minimise the appearance of blemishes, age spots and pigmentation, as well as heal skin and trigger tissue repair using Synergy’s SPED (simultaneous photo electrical delivery) technology – offering microcurrent and LED at the same time for a more powerful treatment.

The experience: Therapist Yasmeen Linton, from popular salon Seduire London in Soho, began by cleansing and toning my skin, before moving on to ultrasonic peeling.

Next came orbital microdermabrasion to remove dead cells, but combined with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory red and blue light therapy to leave skin silky smooth. During this part, I could feel a strong vibration, especially on my chin and forehead, but it was by no means uncomfortable.

Linton then used the wrinkle comb, which combines blue and red LED with high-frequency microcurrent, on areas where I felt the ageing process had started to show – namely the nasolabial lines.

She pressed it down on the line and then held it to plump the area, repeating the process but changing the length of time she held it for each time. As she did this, I felt a warming sensation, which was very soothing.

The cooling Hydro Mask was then applied with lymphatic drainage movements, using red and blue light to minimise any redness and drive the hyaluronic acid, collagen and rose water ingredients down even further into the skin. The treatment finished with application of an SPF 30.

The verdict: My skin immediately felt tighter and smoother. I’d been suffering with blemishes on my chin and these were far less noticeable. My complexion also had a healthy glow, so I was happy to leave the salon make-up free even in busy central London.

Business benefits: If you’re a town-centre salon then this treatment is perfect for workers who want a quick fix in their lunch hour; the key is to market its convenience to them.

The facial is also a great way to introduce clients to LED light therapy for the first time, and because of its instant results, would be ideal for customers who want a pick-me-up before a big event, such as a wedding or holiday.

Caci recommends charging £60 for the 45-minute treatment. Call the brand on 020 8731 5678 Tried by Amanda Pauley

Katherine Daniels Instant Effect Eye Mask Treatment

The British skincare brand has launched a results-driven, express eye treatment that salons and spas can offer as an add-on to other services.

The 20-minute treatment uses two small masks packed with potent ingredients freeze-dried sea kelp, hyaluronic acid and a specialised mineral complex to plump and revitalise the under-eye area, and best of all, can be applied while you’re performing a manicure, pedicure or wax.

After the masks have been saturated in the active ingredients and left to soak for 60 seconds, they’re applied below the client’s eyes and left to work for 20 minutes. After removal, excess product is gently pressed into the skin followed by application of the brand’s Multi-Tasking Eye Balm to the eye contour area.

The company says the results include reduction in wrinkles and increased brightness to the area, and that the add-on treatment is an ideal opportunity to boost retail sales – the masks are available for homecare too.

Katherine Daniels recommends charging £15 for the 20-minute treatment. Call the brand on 01767 682288

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty November 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty