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How to make it as a…brand founder

Career Path

1. Find your niche

“Launching a brand is about finding a gap in the market that you’re passionate about. Before I created Waxu, I was working as an intimate wax specialist and people travelled from all over the country to see me because they said no one was as thorough doing a bikini wax as I was.

“At the time, I was trying to find a wax that was fast and effective, but nothing lived up to that need. The dream was to produce a wax that was thinner, more comfortable and set quicker, and one that therapists could be taught a standardised method with so all clients could receive the same standard of service.”

2. Understand that it’s a long journey

“You need to be patient in the research and development stage. It took me four years to create my Express Intimate Waxing range. I worked with a UK chemist on the formulation as I knew what the product should be but needed technical support in the creation. It took a year and a half to get the wax right and it’s because we focused on quality, using high-grade ingredients.”

3. Be prepared for unforeseen costs

“There were lots of financial surprises along the way that I hadn’t factored into my original budget but needed to find the money for. For example, I had to source the support of a specialist to help me pass the EU’s tough product regulations.

“It was far too difficult to complete on my own and despite being another cost, it was money well spent because it made sure my wax received that crucial seal of approval. You need to have a rainy-day pot set aside for unexpected costs.”

4. Choose your launch venue wisely

“Do your research to make sure you unveil your product at the right place. I debuted Waxu at the 2015 Professional Beauty North exhibition because I knew it would be filled with my ideal customers – salon and spa owners who offer intimate waxing services. The show was daunting and demanding but it got my product in front of the right people.

“Now, two years on, I exhibit at four beauty trade shows a year and at each exhibition we’re gaining more accounts because our brand awareness has increased. These types of shows are vital to do but make sure you have enough funds to get a decent-sized stand.”

5. Invest in your reputation

“We’re now stocked in more than 200 salons across the country and it’s because we’re good at getting the word out about what we do. I employ a marketing company that writes blogs for our website, updates our social channels and does outreach to beauty bloggers and TV stars who might give us press coverage. I also have therapists who visit salons owners to demo the product.”

6. Don’t lose faith

“It’s normal to hear the word ‘no’ a lot on this journey. It’s a challenge getting people to take a chance on something new, so you need to stay determined, even when times are hard. My idea became a reality and yours can too. Now, I’m in the process of extending my product line and expanding my team.”

This article appears in the Professional Beauty September 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty September 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty