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Heaven Skincare Lipolis7

Heaven’s latest launch is non-invasive slimming and skin rejuvenation device Lipolis7, which claims to tackle stubborn fat pockets and cellulite in just 30 minutes.

The machine works by collapsing fat cells, which in turn prompts the client’s lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins from the body. Radiofrequency and infrared are then used to melt fatty deposits further, before a vacuum speeds up the body’s metabolism to help fat cells disperse.

The technology also aids in the reduction of cellulite, especially on areas such as the legs and buttocks. The brand says it’s also suitable for use on the face, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Heaven Skincare recommends charging £130 for the treatment. Call the brand on 01952 462505


Guinot Hydra Peel

Guinot’s Hydra Peel is perfect for clients with sensitive skin who want smooth, radiant and even complexions. Packed with fruit acid from mandarin, lemon, green apple, passionfruit and hyacinth flower, it works to target fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone and attenuate dark spots.

The peel is available in two variations, prescribed depending on the client’s skin goals. Hydra Peeling with Hydra PH (peeling with acid PH) is aimed at those who suffer with pigmentation and scarring, using phytic acid to deeply exfoliate skin.

Hydra Peeling with Hydrabrasion (mechanical peeling) is aimed at those with super-sensitive skin. It breaks down the connection between dead and living cells using an enzymatic and mechanical action, allowing new cells to emerge.

The treatment begins with a deep cleanse before the peel is left on for 10 minutes. After removal, the therapist applies Longue Vie Yeux eye cream, Longue Vie Cou neck cream and Longue Vie Lèvres lip care treatment, as well as a prescribed moisturiser suitable for the client’s skin type.

The brand recommends clients have this treatment weekly for three weeks for optimum results, and that clients should avoid sun exposure for 24 hours post-treatment.

Guinot recommends charging £75 for the 45-minute treatment. Call the brand on 01344 873123

This month we tried… Caudalie VineActiv Facial

The lowdown: With anti-pollution skincare trending, Caudalie has launched a vitamin and antioxidant-rich facial that claims to reduce the appearance of premature ageing caused by city fumes. The treatment also has a complementary VineActiv skincare range that works to limit the quantity of pollutant particles deposited on the skin.

The experience: As someone who works in London five days a week and regularly catches sweaty tubes to the office, I was intrigued to see if the VineActiv Facial could help reverse any pollution damage I had and arm me with a preventative skincare routine going forward.

Therapist Karla Skou began by asking me about my skincare habits, lifestyle choices and how often I managed to take a break from London (which isn’t often). She told me I was suffering with congestion on my chin, a common side effect of city living, as well as some dryness on my forehead.

I was surprised to learn that these issues were the result of city life, but Skou explained that even though I wear an SPF daily, it’s not packed with the right ingredients to treat and defeat pollution. However, she said I should see immediate clarity in my skin post-treatment, and if I follow her prescription, should be able to prevent damage going forward.

The facial began with a double cleanse, tone and exfoliation with buffing cream to remove dead skin cells, before application of the brand’s Grape Water hydration spray to tackle dry patches. Next came an energising facial massage using Beauty Elixir to activate blood and lymph circulation, bringing brightness back to my complexion.

Skou then applied clay-based Instant Detox Mask to draw out the toxins causing my breakouts, before finishing off with application of an eye cream, serum and moisturiser from the VineActiv range.

The verdict: Post-treatment, my complexion was significantly different, with blackheads gone, breakouts minimised and my skin giving off a dewy glow. It’s just a shame I had to jump on the tube to get home.

Business benefits: The treatment is a simple way to introduce anti-pollution skincare in your salon with a well-known brand. It’s especially good for businesses whose main clientele is city-goers – Skou told me this is one of the salon’s most popular treatments with flight attendants and jet-setting business people. Also, due to the complementary homecare range, retailing off the back of the treatment should be easy.

Caudalie UK recommends charging £70 for the 60-minute treatment. Call the brand on 020 7498 8944 Tried by Amanda Pauley

Fennix Group Endosphères Therapy

Italian aesthetic devices manufacturer Fennix Group has launched non-invasive body-contouring Endosphères Therapy, using micro-sphere compression and vibration technology to tackle cellulite and fatty deposits.

Micro-spheres work in conjunction with the body’s natural mechanisms to remove and re-shape fat and adipose tissue (loose connective tissue). With the right application of pressure, fat deposits are loosened until they finally break down, causing the body to then remove them naturally.

The treatment also stimulates fibroblasts, which are responsible for elastin and collagen production, helping to tone and sculpt, as well as reactivating blood circulation to improve cellular oxygenation, resulting in better texture.

The handpiece contains 55 anti-allergic silicone spheres and transmits low-frequency vibrations in a range between 39 and 355Hz. Treatments take around 45 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

Fennix Group recommends charging from £80 for facials and from £120 for body treatments. Call the brand on 07809 146105

This month we tried… Lash Perfect Lash Lift

The lowdown: Lash Perfect launched its Lash Lift this summer following more than a year of development. Parent company The Eyelash Design Company developed it to offer an alternative to its established lash extension treatment and says it’s great for clients who have naturally straight lashes.

The experience: I’ve never had a lash lift before but I had my lashes permed and tinted with a different brand once and really didn’t like the results, so I was nervous as I walked through the doors of Lash Perfect’s Lash Bar in Soho, London.

International trainer Emma Apps immediately put me at ease, talking me through the process. She explained that unlike perming, which usually curls from the centre of the lash, this treatment lifts right from the roots.

The company has developed a range of rods, which let the technician personalise the results from a C curl to a J curl. With my mid-length but straight and fine lashes, Apps said I was the ideal client type and asked me If I wanted a gentle curl or a more intense effect. I asked for the latter and Apps chose the flattest rod.

She then used a cool pad to stick my bottom lashes down so they didn’t get caught up in the lift, before wrapping my upper lashes around the rod and painting on a solution that breaks down the structure of the hairs, before following with a second liquid that rebuilt them in the new, lifted shape, around the rod.

The whole thing took around 40 minutes. You can add a tint to the treatment but as I have naturally dark lashes I left the colour alone. verdict: When Apps removed the pads and handed me the mirror, I was stunned. The effect was very dramatic, with my lashes standing up almost vertically from the roots. It did take me a day or two to work out how to apply mascara without getting it all over my eyelids but I love the open-eyed look it gave me.

Three weeks on and I’m still very happy with the lashes. They look slightly less dramatic because straighter lashes are starting to grow through as part of the natural growth cycle, but the effect is still great. This is a treatment I’ll definitely book again.

Business benefits: While lash treatments have been popular for years, some clients have moved away from extensions as they struggle to find time for maintenance. Lash Lifts are a brilliant alternative.

The treatment requires very little equipment and is quicker and less fiddly for the therapist, although, as Apps warned, good training is essential when you’re working with the powerful chemicals involved.

Lash Perfect recommends charging from £25 to £55 for the treatment, depending on location and whether it incorporates a tint. Call the brand on 020 8500 9028

Tried by Eve Oxberry

Q& A with Beverly Piper and Christina Jenkins, co-founders of The Eyelash Design Company

What sets the Lash Perfect Lash Lift apart from similar services?

Christina Jenkins: “We know this isn’t a new service but we wanted to bring to the market something that was different from what was already out there. Our curvature rod gives a choice of curls, because one doesn’t fit all, so the look can be tailor-made.”

Who’s the perfect client for the Lash Lift?

Beverly Piper: “This sits with natural lash treatments like tinting or express lashes. You can also do a Lash Lift for a regular extensions client if they want a break, and they can still have recognisable lashes.” Jenkins: “Not every client wants lash extensions or can afford them.”

How long should clients wait between appointments?

Piper: “Eight weeks – the average natural lash growth cycle. You don’t want to be applying the products again over the top of an existing Lash Lift because you’d be doubling up on the chemicals.”

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty September 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty