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It’s been years since model Cara Delevingne entered the global beauty consciousness with those eyebrows, and we’re still brow obsessed. But beauty professionals are waking up to a more specialised, individual approach, and the backlash against superficial short courses – especially for microblading and semi-permanent make-up – is growing.

“Microblading isn’t something you take on lightly,” says Teresa Frake, master technician and head trainer on LCN’s microblading and semi-permanent make-up (SMPU) courses. “Whenever a treatment becomes popular, people set up courses with no previous experience. There are people out there who’ve done training then been unable to get a licence or insurance because the course wasn’t right for them,” she says.

It’s vital to make sure a course is regulated, so students should do their research before enrolling. And for clients who don’t want to get “inked”, new, hybrid treatments are being developed that bridge the gap between wash-off and semi-permanent.

The Eyelash Design Company’s new offer, Hi Brow Expert, “opens up a bigger clientele because results last for two to three weeks, so it’s a great option for clients who want longer lasting results,” says trainer Emma Apps. It’s also becoming apparent that being able to knock out an “Instagram brow” on every client doesn’t cut it for a serious brow artist.

“It’s so important to be able to create brows that suit the client,” says Jessica Jane Hannah, training manager for KLM, which distributes Billion Dollar Brows. “You could have a 19 or 70-year-old and there’s not just one look.” We’ve explored the training options, from entry-level to advanced artistry, to help you choose the best course for you and your clients.

Starting out

Billion Dollar Brows Elite Eyebrow Design

Duration: One day

Cost: £249

Locations: Essex, Bolton, Suffolk, Surrey, and Dunfermline, Scotland

Requirements: Students must be Level 2 qualified in waxing and tinting and have purchased the Business in a Bag kit beforehand

Contact: 01892 750850 (KLM Beauty)

A signature Billion Dollar Brows treatment involves sculpting a shape, removing hair using a combination of waxing, plucking and trimming, tinting the brows and applying BDB make-up to accentuate and create the final look.

Trainees will become certified BDB Artists after completing this course, which also includes training on retailing the brand’s product line, advising clients on maintenance between treatments and setting prices. Students must have two case studies approved to pass, with the help of online resources and telephone support.


“Have a more open mind about how each brow is different. Look beyond a thick, sharply arched style,” advises Jessica Jane Hannah, training manager for KLM. “It’s not just about learning one shape and colour then doing that on everyone.”

“BDB is ideal for someone who wants to offer that little bit extra above a standard wax and tint,” says Hannah. “The point of difference is our Brow Buddy tool, which measures where the brow should start, arch and end. Students will also learn how to educate clients about what suits them over and above brow trends; about different shapes and which facial features they suit,” she says. “A BDB Artist will be able to look at a face and really know how to improve that client’s brows.”

London Lash & Brow

Duration: One day

Cost: £500 for two therapists, including a full treatment kit

Locations: Nationwide (in salon)

Requirements: The course is suitable for beginners

Contact: 01952 462505 (Heaven)

London Lash & Brow from skincare brand Heaven offers brow tinting with an all-natural, plant-based formula including calendula, green tea and juniper extracts to help prevent irritation around the eyes. The cost of training includes a treatment kit containing two shades of tint, developer gel and tint remover as well as all consumables. Students also receive a Heaven Bee Venom Mask to help lift the eye area, adding another element to the treatment.

Brow by Mii

Duration: One day

Cost: Free to Brow by Mii account holders

Locations: Borehamwood and nationwide (in salon)

Requirements: NVQ 2 in tinting and waxing and a Brow by Mii account

Contact: 0345 217 1360 (Gerrard International)

This course takes therapists to the next level and teaches them to create personalised, naturallooking brows. Students will learn how to complete a full 45-minute treatment. This course places an emphasis on the consultation, where Brow by Mii stylists measure the brows and sketch a preview of the finished shape using a brow pencil so clients can be confident with the outcome before the treatment.

Marvelbrow Sculpt, Colour and Correct

Duration: One day

Cost: £125

Locations: Training venues nationwide

Requirements: Suitable for complete beginners

Contact: 020 8845 4115 (UK Training Solutions)

Beginners wanting to offer a complete brow treatment for the first time could consider this course. The system allows therapists to create a prescriptive plan for clients. Students will learn six techniques to sculpt, define, lengthen and thicken brows using threading, waxing and tinting. The course also teaches the Marvelbrow method of face shape analysis to achieve the best shape, balance and colour tone for each client.

Level up

Hi Brow Expert

Duration: One day

Cost: £649 including a starter kit

Locations: Birmingham, Manchester, London, Essex, Devon, Glasgow, Edinburgh or in salon for group training

Requirements: Students must be confident in brow shaping. A previous brow qualification is advisable

Contact: 0208 500 9028

Hi Brow Expert from the Eyelash Design Company combines two of the brand’s treatments in a new protocol to meet demand from clients who want realistic, long-lasting brows but don’t want to go down the permanent route. The new training will introduce therapists to the theory and products used in Lola Brows (which tints skin and brows) and Brow Perfect (where individual extensions are applied to gaps in the natural brow), and how these are combined. The course has a strong focus on colour mixing and application of the adhesives involved, while therapists will also learn about the structure of the hair and skin.


“Before the course do as many brows as you can, be it waxing, tinting or just make-up. Think about the symmetry and how you’d balance the brows. It’ll help build confidence,” says Emma Apps, trainer for the Eyelash Design Company.

Apps advises that before enrolling on the course, “students need to already have a clear understanding of what colours and shapes will suit someone”. These elements are touched on but the main focus is on application. “It’s great for anyone thinking about going on to do microblading or SPMU, because it’s a great way of testing colour and shape on clients before they commit,” she adds.

High Definition Brows Pro Class

Duration: One day

Cost: £395 including a £25 product voucher

Locations: Leeds, Glasgow, Surrey and Milton Keynes

Requirements: Students must have passed the High Definition Brows two-day course and Refresher Class

Contact: 0113 224 7908

Designed for High Definition brow stylists who have already undertaken the beginner and refresher training, this class focuses on teaching skills to help therapists maximise business and take their skillset to the next level. Stylists will be assessed on their existing skills and be taught advanced techniques, as well as picking up tips on how best to photograph their work. Upon completion of the course, attendees will be listed as a Pro Stylist on High Definition’s online Salon Finder.

Advanced skills

KB Pro Brows Artist

Duration: Approximately six months

Cost: £3,495 per module

Locations: Surrey, Milton Keynes and Yorkshire

Requirements: None. The course is created for complete beginners

Contact: 01977 655630

The Brows Artist course is designed for those who want to become proficient in both microblading and permanent cosmetics treatments. As well as advanced artistry techniques, the training also covers the set up and operation of a successful business, and the brand says learners can expect to start earning from treatments around three months after starting training. There are package offers and finance options available.


“Make sure you’re serious about wanting to do this – you’ll be tattooing people’s faces. Really consider if you’re going to have the time to commit to practising,” advises Karen Betts, founder of KB Pro. She adds: “Research the trainer – how long have they been training others?”

“Our passion is eyebrows and making people look and feel good,” says Betts. “There are no quick wins or tricks to these treatments – it’s all about education. It can take people who come to our academies three months before they even touch a client, but we can be confident that once they’ve done that education they’re going to have a great career.”

Beautiful Ink Microblading to Machine conversion

Duration: Two or three days, depending on experience

Cost: £2,500 including a Bomtech Digital Hand-R machine and other equipment

Location: Brighton or in salon

Requirements: This course is for trained microblading technicians with a minimum of a year’s experience

Contact: 01273 775188

Ideal for those with existing microblading training who want to learn the machine-based method of permanent make-up, this course means technicians don’t have to start again. Students are assessed beforehand to gauge experience and undertake one-to-one training with Beautiful Ink director Lisa Henning over two or three days. Technicians will learn several styles including feathering, stroke and powdered looks. As well as a tattooing machine, students receive four Doreme pigments and two boxes of 15 needles.

Brownv Beginners Microblading

Duration: Three days

Cost: £2,400 including Brownv kit

Location: Ferndown, Dorset

Requirements: There are no pre-requisite qualifications

Contact: 01202 874904 (The Creative Beauty Group)

Students practise on pigskin before progressing to a live model on the third day. Online videos are used for hygiene, sanitation, set up and clean down knowledge, and resources are also available to back up practical training on colour theory, drawing techniques and client role play. The pre-study module ensures students have two to four weeks to prepare for the manual and theory tests on the first day of the course. Students must complete two case studies on each of the techniques learned – hair stroke, powder and combination.

LCN Brow Microblading

Duration: Three and a half days

Cost: £2,200 including Starter Set

Locations: Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridgeshire

Requirements: Level 2 qualification or recognised make-up certificate. Beginners must take an online tattoo infection control course

Contact: 01273 837302

LCN offers microblading training options for complete beginners and experienced SPMU technicians alike. Beginners work on a minimum of four models and receive pre-course study notes beforehand. The course covers anatomy and physiology, health, safety and salon hygiene, client consultation and care, and colour theory and pain control; as well as equipment, brow positioning and treatment application. The Starter Set, included in the course cost, contains 15 disposable microblades in three sizes and a selection of organic pigments along with other consumables.


“We advise prospective students to contact their local council before enrolling to make sure they can get their licence. You need a place to work and a licence for each premises – you can’t do microblading in your house; it must be in a room that meets clinical requirements,” says Teresa Frake, head trainer at LCN.

“Our students practise on people – four models – which is important,” says Frake. Learners have to understand the concept of colour theory. It can be a bit complicated at first because once the pigment is in the skin it mixes with the client’s skin tone,” she explains. “So for example, for someone with a cooler skin tone with blue undertones, if the technician uses a cool colour without warming it up it could go grey.”

Epibrow Creative course

Duration: Two days

Cost: £2,250

Location: Epibrow centres in Glasgow, North Yorkshire and London

Requirements: Must be an experienced aesthetic or permanent make-up artist

Contact: 0333 370 2567

Epibrow’s Creative course is for experienced SMPUs who want to build on existing skills. Students learn powdered and hair stroke techniques and the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale as well as revisiting anatomy and physiology knowledge and first aid protocols. Training in Act Fast topical anaesthetic usage is also provided. Plus, the course cost includes 20 treatment kits.

Eyebrow Embroidery VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques

Duration: Five days

Cost: £1,950 including accommodation, meals and SoftTap kit

Location: North Wales

Requirements: Students must have a good level of basic beauty therapy knowledge, anatomy and physiology, and salon health and hygiene

Contact: 01492 531943

This course focuses on communication, client care and time-management skills in addition to developing students’ ability to apply the knowledge, understanding and practical techniques for safe and effective microblading treatments. The training takes place at a four-star hotel, with accommodation and meals included in the cost. Students also receive a SofTap permanent cosmetics kit with enough product for 50 treatments.

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