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Janssen Cosmetics Platinum Care Facial

Janssen Cosmetics has launched a luxury facial in line with its new anti-ageing Platinum Care collection, designed to improve skin texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The 75-minute treatment begins with a deep cleanse and tone before application of the gel-textured Skin Refining Enzyme Peel to gently exfoliate skin. The ampoule Eye Flash Fluid is then used on the eye area to stimulate collagen production and improve skin density, before a serum with toning effects is applied to the face and neck.

The therapist then applies the Biocellulose Face and Neck Mask, packed with apple and blueberry stem cells to protect against photoageing, followed by a massage to lift and tone. The treatment finishes with application of UV protection and hyaluronic-packed Platinum Day Cream.

Janssen Cosmetics recommends charging £120 for the treatment. Call the brand on 01942 252873

Image Skincare Lift Forte Peel

Cosmeceutical brand Image Skincare has launched two new 30-minute peels that aim to repair, as well as delay, visible signs of ageing.

The I Peel Wrinkle Lift Forte uses a blend of glycolic acid, retinol and botanical brighteners to repair and rejuvenate, helping to reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles, rough complexions and acne.

It also helps to renew and balance cells with an energy complex derived from coffee and peppermint and contains buddleja davidii stems G to prevent damaging photoageing effects. Once the peel is removed, a five-minute Max Stem Cell Masque is applied to nourish, while an arm and hand massage is performed, followed by a serum, eye cream, face cream and lip balm.

The I Peel Lightening Lift Forte combines botanical brighteners with echinacea, plant-derived stem cells and anti-ageing peptides to leave skin glowing.

The treatment is aimed at those with advanced pigmentation, age spots and redness, with lactic acid working to exfoliate and lighten skin.

The peel is followed by a five-minute Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque, which gets to work while an arm and hand massage is performed, before the finishing hydrating products are applied.

For both peels, the brand recommends a course of six treatments at two-week intervals for the best results.

Image Skincare recommends charging between £75 and £95 (depending on location). Call the brand on 0345 504 0461

This month we tried… Hi Brow Expert

The lowdown: The Eyelash Design Company’s Hi Brow Expert combines its popular Brow Perfect extensions with the long-lasting Lola Brows service. The 45 to 60-minute treatment claims to give a natural effect with depth of colour that lasts up to three weeks, and is best suited for those with sparse brows.

The treatment: Trying out new treatments is always great but it’s even better when the service focuses on something you could use some help with. My brows are definitely one such area, so I was excited to experience the Hi Brow Expert.

My treatment, carried out by international trainer Emma Apps, started with removal of make-up so Apps could get a sense of my (very sparse) brows and what needed to be done.

After discussing my preferred shape – prominent but not oversized – Apps applied the Lola Brows gel, blending it with two different shades of the brand’s mineral pigment powder, to get the colour just right. The gel and powder is applied directly to the skin, as well to brow hairs – a key benefit for clients who, like me, have significant brow gaps.

The advantage of Hi Brow Expert is that once the Lola Brows base is in place, the brows can be given an even fuller appearance through extensions. Apps carefully placed extensions, which can be attached both to existing brow hairs and to the skin, in strategic places, giving me an added boost.

As with a Lola Brows treatment, the results can last anywhere between 10 days and three weeks, depending on your lifestyle. For the first 24 hours, you have to keep your brows dry, and Apps recommends washing your face with care after that to get as much longevity out of the treatment as possible. In my case the brows, which looked fantastic, lasted around two and a half weeks.

Business benefits: Brows are big in every way at the moment, so a long-lasting treatment would be a great addition to any salon or spa’s services. Just remember to tell clients not to go swimming, exercising or visit a steam room immediately after.

The Eyelash Design company recommends charging from £35 for the treatment (depending on location). Call the brand on 020 8500 9028 Tried by Nora Elias

Botanicals Organic Spa Rituals

Soil Association-certified organic skincare brand Botanicals has launched a suite of luxurious treatments for the face, hands, feet and body. Each of the Organic Spa Rituals aim to promote health and wellbeing through the power of aroma and touch while using natural, organic skincare.

The Discover Organic Mini Facial is an express treatment to entice those unfamiliar with the benefits of organic products; the Natural Radiance and Timeless Rose facials are more decadent treatments aimed at brightening the complexion; and the Vitality and Serenity Body and Back massages use Eastern principles, such as chakra-balancing, acupressure and Ayurveda, to treat the client at both an emotional and physical level.

Meanwhile, the brand’s Revitalising Lemongrass and Anti-Ageing Rose Body Polishes and Coconut and Green Tea Cocoon treatment leave skin smooth and soft.

The treatments are targeted at holistic salons and spas, as well as those looking to add a certified organic range to their menu.

Botanicals recommends charging from £25 to £60 for the treatments. Call the brand on 01664 464472

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty July 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty