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Breath of fresh air

Heaven Skincare

Prism Age Defiance Cream

Using prism technology, which is made up of natural ingredients including antiglycation compound l-carnosine, it protects skin from harmful rays while stimulating collagen production.

Trade price: £40.76 for 50ml. 01952 462505

Katherine Daniels

Urban Shield Concentrate

Urban Shield soothes skin exposed to the elements and tackles dehydration lines with hyaluronic acid, alginate and mushroom extract.

Trade price: £16 for 30ml. 01767 682288


Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel-Cream

Perfect for city-goers, this cream contains moringa olifeira extract to create a protective layer and centella aisatica to repair the skin’s barrier. RRP: £41 for 50ml. 0800 389 0349


City Skin Age Defense SPF 50

It shields skin from blue light, pollution, infrared radiation (IR), UVA and UVB with lutein, antioxidants, a polymer matrix, iron oxides, and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Trade price: £24.38 for 50ml. 0844 472 7050


Citylife Face and Eye Contour Sorbet Cream

The cream sweeps away surface pollution and fights dehydration with a combination of three biotech marine sugars and oligomer.

Trade price: £30.58 for 50ml. 01892 750888 (KMS)


Sun Expertise Protective Cream SPF 50+

This cream blocks HEV rays as well as creating internal and external protective barriers against UVA, UVB and IR.

Trade price: £25.68 for 75ml. 01375 673444


VineActiv 3-in-1 Moisturiser

Formulated with a polysaccharide veil to shield skin from absorbing free-radicals, it’s also packed with hyaluronic acid to boost elasticity.

RRP: £32 for 40ml. 020 7720 7111

Docteur Renaud

Carrot Renewing Night Cream

Using a neuro phyto-oxygenating complex and mineral-rich carrot, it strengthens the skin’s natural defences against free-radical damage.

Trade price: £14.50 for 50ml. 01280 817881 (Skin Evolution UK)


Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil

Packed with night scented stock and a tetra-peptide extract made up of four amino acids, this oil supports the skin’s natural rhythm of renewal and repair.

RRP: £49 for 30ml. 0117 316 1888


Double Defence Set

The serum and moisturiser in this set strengthen the skin’s internal defences and shield it from ageing induced by UV, infrared and pollution.

Trade price: £53.75. 01618 754274

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty July 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty