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SLIM and Sculpt


Billed as an alternative to invasive liposuction, Xero Lipo uses FDA-cleared technology to trigger the release of the content of fat cells for “immediate” inch loss. Combining bio-stimulatory laser fat cell reduction, neuromuscular stimulation and multipolar radiofrequency, Cosmeditech says the system reduces fat cells, burns fat and tightens skin. As part of a course, clients will also be put on a nutritional and exercise support programme to help sustain results.

Prices start from £12,000 for the original device. Call Cosmeditech on 0800 038 5580


Faradic electrical stimulation takes care of body sculpting and toning in Caci’s Quantum device. It passively exercises muscles, using high-intensity current delivered through electrically conductive pads positioned over specific muscle groups. The short pulses stimulate motor points in the muscle to trigger a contraction, stimulating with varying intensity, pulse length, wave form and rest period. Caci says a 20-minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of 300 sit-ups.

Price: £8,500. Call Caci International on 020 8731 5678


Developed to reduce stubborn pockets of fat around the midsection, BTL’s Vanquish ME (maximum energy) uses a high-frequency field to direct thermal energy into the fat layer to destroy fat cells in four to six sessions, says the brand. The applicator is a canopy that hovers over the treatment area rather than coming into direct contact with the skin, and has a large spot size to treat high volumes of fat simultaneously. Treatment is suitable for those who are no more than 20lb overweight.

Prices start from £60,000. Call BTL Aesthetics on 01782 579060


Lynton’s Pro Max Lipo combines three technologies for body contouring and claims to achieve inch loss after one 30-minute session. Ultrasonic cavitation targets fat cells by penetrating with sound waves and allowing lipids to escape, while the thermal effect of multipolar radiofrequency aims to improve the appearance of cellulite by increasing fat cell metabolism. Vacuum massage provides lymphatic drainage to process lipids released during cavitation, also improving cellulite.

Price on request. Call Lynton Lasers on 01477 536977

Baldan Group

T-Shape offers radiofrequency, low-level laser therapy and vacuum, used individually or combined. Radiofrequency helps boost collagen to tackle cellulite and skin tone, while laser aims to liquefy fat cells for the body to eliminate through normal metabolic processes. Vacuum, with variable pulse modes, helps tighten skin, stimulating circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage. The machine has different-sized handpieces to allow targeted treatment of localised as well as larger areas.

Price: £26,300. Call Baldan Group on 0808 273 2589

Syneron Candela

The Ultrashape Power was developed to target fat deposits that can’t be shifted through diet and exercise alone. There is no heat involved; instead the device uses a precise ultrasound energy beam to penetrate and locally destroy fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue, blood vessels or muscles, says the brand. It can treat the stomach, “muffin top”, thighs, bottom, back and upper arms, and a treatment takes up to 30 minutes.

Price: £65,000. Call Syneron Candela on 0845 521 0698

Venus Concept

The Venus Legacy combines multipolar radiofrequency for synthesis of collagen, with pulsed magnetic fields for fibroblast proliferation and vari-pulse, which allows adjustable pulsed suction for lymphatic drainage. The device is designed to target stubborn pockets of fat, tighten skin and lift areas including the buttocks, arms and stomach. The real-time thermal feedback function incorporates a hands-free thermometer linked to an on-screen graph to monitor results.

Price: £38,950. Call Venus Concept UK on 0208 748 2221

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty May 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty