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Beauty in 2020: genetic profiling and genderless campaigns tipped as top trends

Skincare informed by genetics and virtual reality in the learning space are among the top trends predicted to shake up the beauty industry as we head into 2020, according to global trend predictor WGSN’s Future of Beauty report. The four movements the WGSN’s Insight Team identified are:

Next-generation genetics: The analysis of genetics will transform the industry’s approach to personalisation, according to WGSN. “The desire to become more in tune with our skin and bodies means consumers are seeking fully bespoke solutions tailored to their DNA,” the report states.

Products of this nature are already emerging. For example, Samsung’s portable device Lumini allows users take a selfie and send it to an app for under-the-surface skin analysis.

The all-clusive consumer: “Generation Z is increasingly rejecting gender-conforming identities,” the report states. So, brands are developing ranges and adverts that service a more diverse set of skin needs. For example, Maybelline has been championing genderless beauty in recent campaigns.

The always-on assistant: Researchers believe the consumer journey will be elevated by interactive technologies, with virtual reality tipped as the medium that could revolutionise learning – L’Oréal is already experimenting with it as a training tool for hair professionals.

Nature hacking: Customers’ desire for clean living will become a big focus, with 75% of millennials looking for sustainable offerings from beauty brands and refillable make-up products, such as cushion compacts, growing in popularity.

This article appears in the Professional Beauty May 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty May 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty