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NEW: Thalgo Zanzibar Stopover Ritual

Inspired by the landscape and natural riches of Zanzibar, Thalgo’s latest treatment is a sensory ritual that uses a combination of signature African massage techniques, including digui, saloli and berber, along with products bursting with spicy fragrances. The brand says clients should feel like they’ve been taken on a “unique journey”.

The treatment begins by cocooning the arches of the feet in a warm oshibori towel before moving on to a 30-minute full-body exfoliation. The trapezius muscles, nape and shoulders are then relaxed using soothing movements that replicate the rhythm of the ocean, before the therapist moves on to a full-body massage.

Techniques such as muscular kneading, long stretches and African rolling – a massage method used in Kenya which consists of rolling the phalanxes over a muscular area – are performed to release knots and stretch the muscles, before a stress-relieving facial massage using sweet and spicy notes. The face is then enveloped in Replenishing Mask to restore hydration, followed by eye and face cream application.

Thalgo recommends charging £115 in London and £90 regionally for the 120minute treatment. Call the brand on 020 7512 0872

SIGNATURE: EF Medispa Cellufix Treatment

EF Medispa has developed a non-invasive cellulite treatment using the Italian beauty company Baldan Group’s T-Shape technology. The Cellufix treatment claims to improve the skin’s appearance and texture, as well as tone the body and help with inch loss.

The treatment uses a combination of technologies including radiofrequency and infrared light to boost collagen production and smooth out dimpled texture on the skin; cold laser therapy to target stubborn fat on the stomach, arms, thighs and buttocks; and vacuum aspiration to improve blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins.

The treatment can take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. It involves no downtime and clients are recommended to have a course of eight to 10 treatments to get the best results.

EF Medispa charges from £450 for the treatment. Call the brand on 0808 273 2589

NEW: Monu Mama Relaxing Ritual

Natural skincare brand Monu’s latest treatment is aimed at mums-to-be in need of a bit of TLC, using comforting techniques to relieve muscle aches and pain as well as help with water retention.

Suitable for all skin types, the treatment begins with a welcome ritual, where the client is positioned on her side with the aid of a pregnancy pillow, to ensure comfort, before having one side of her back massaged. Afterwards, the client is gently turned over so the therapist can perform the massage on the other side.

The therapist then positions the client on her back and cleanses the skin using Gentle Cleanser before performing soft, rhythmic massage movements on the face, neck and décolleté. The treatment finishes with a spritz of Rosewood Reviving Mist over the face to lift spirts. The Relaxing Ritual is only suitable for clients in their second or third trimester.

Monu recommends charging between £55 and £75 (depending on region) for the 60-minute treatment. Call the brand on 01242 538334

This month we tried…

Mystic Tan Kyss

The lowdown: Created to offer a fast, bespoke tan, US company Mystic Tan’s new Kyss machine is designed to work in three minutes without the need for a therapist, and lets users select the colour, scent and intensity. The booth also uses the brand’s patented Magnetan technology – the molecules of the tanning spray are electrostatically charged, meaning they are attracted evenly around the body rather than coating one side only.

The experience: I first chose the base colour for my tan from the light, medium or dark options. I know light shades aren’t worth the effort on my skin so I went for the darkest. The next choice is an optional intensifier – I was going out straight after the appointment so went for it as it helps the tan develop faster.

The final option is a choice of five fragrances including Coconut Lime, Warm Vanilla and the sweet-smelling Yum. I opted for Fresh, which is formulated to smell like clean linen.

The booth operator then shook the cartridge to mix the customised formula, inserted it into the machine and activated the automated process. As I donned my sticky feet, barrier cream and hair covering and stepped into the booth, a voice guided me through where to stand and the position to adopt.

The nozzle rotates in a ball-andsocket style, which sprayed the mist from side to side as it moved upwards from my feet to face. The automated voice then told me to turn around so the process could be repeated on my back. After each stage the machine gently pumps out warm air to help dry the tan. The result was an even tan that developed quickly and lasted well.

Business benefits: The fast turnaround means salons can offer more appointments. A receptionist or spa attendant can be trained to operate the booth and help clients get set up, which saves on therapist time and cost. Automated booths are also a good option for body-conscious clients who may feel uncomfortable stripping for a manual spray tan.

JK Group recommends charging from £20 for the treatment. The machine can be leased from £120 per week. Call the brand on 020 8498 7277 Tried by Eve Oxberry

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty May 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty