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UK beauty and hair supplier Salon Services has, for the first time, created a series of SS17 trends videos to help make-up artists, nail techs and hairdressers offer wearable versions of this season’s hottest trends.

The 15 looks, based on trend forecasting and research from Salon Services experts, were filmed over two days at the business’s HQ in Berkshire, and ranged from digital and ombre nail art to eye artistry and make-up looks that highlight the Cupid’s bow.

I was invited to the “Sally Trends Day” to network with the pros and watch the looks come to life on camera. The videos will be released through the business’s website and social media channels in the coming months.

“We’re delighted to be able to unveil a brand new, visually engaging approach to our SS17 trends,” says Warren Scarr, managing director of Salon Services. Here’s how you can recreate two of the looks from the day.

Get the look: digital nails

Salon Services asked Nail Harmony UK tech Jess Brown to create a digital nail art design – a look tipped to be big this year. “The futuristic trend is a really easy look for salons to pick up,” explains Brown. “I used striping tape through jet black polish to reveal striking rainbow lines underneath – simple but effective. However, it can be done with any colour.”

1. Prep nails with a pH bond and foundation, then cure for five seconds

2. Paint stripes of different colour polish in vertical lines down each nail and cure for 30 seconds. Brown used Gelish’s turquoise Radiance is my Middle Name; purple You Glare I Glow; cerise Make You blink Pink; and yellow Street Credible

3. Apply striping tape horizontally across each nail, switching up the number of lines and angle you want on each, before applying two coats of black gel polish, such as Gelish’s Black Shadow, over it. Cure for 30 seconds

4. Gently peel away the tape to reveal the rainbow design underneath. Apply a top coat and cure for 30 seconds

5. Cleanse the nails and apply cuticle oil.

Get the look: Cupid’s bow

Dee Hargreaves, freelance make-up artist and Airbase Pro member, was tasked with creating the Cupid’s bow look. “Strobing was big in previous years, so I think this is the next step in accentuating your natural beauty,” says Hargreaves. “Highlighting the Cupid’s bow just makes lips look much fuller.”

1. Prep lips with a sugar scrub before using a primer to create a good base

2. Using an eye liner brush, apply highlighter at the centre of the Cupid’s bow and sweep across, over lining the natural lip

3. Line lips with a red lip liner to prevent bleed, then apply red lipstick to the bottom lip and a deep cerise pink to the top to give a nice contrast

4. Add more highlighter to the Cupid’s bow as needed – “the brighter the better”, says Hargreaves. PB

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty April 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty