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What should I look for in a collagen drink?

“The drink should be of excellent quality and at least contain some amino acids, essential fatty acids, B vitamins and vitamin C,” says wellbeing and lifestyle consultant Yvonne Wake, who is part of Aromatherapy Associates’ panel of wellbeing experts.

Who can benefit?

“Someone with a whole, varied and pure diet may not need these drinks, but if [a client] is unsure that they are fulfilling their dietary needs then they could give the drinks a try,” adds Wake

How long before clients can expect to see results?

“Manufacturers usually state at least three months’ use before any noticeable effects are seen on the skin,” says nutritionist Mel Turkerman. “Only once the body’s key stores are filled can the excess be deposited in the skin’s tissue, because the body will always prioritise nutrients based on survival mechanisms, so the most vital tissues in our anatomy will benefit first.”

How can I manage clients’ expectations?

“Noticeable effects can be quickened or slowed depending on the individual, in particular what that person is doing to prevent the breakdown of existing collagen. Certain unhealthy lifestyle factors coupled with stress can increase accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), one of the primary factors in the degradation of collagen. It’s best to couple a collagen supplement programme with a healthy lifestyle to slow down the formation of AGEs and give the supplement a better chance of enhancing skin health.”

The beautifier

Daniele de Winter

Developed to boost hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, increase energy and even help protect teeth and gums, Beauty Shot is a multifunctional soluble powder. It harnesses a comprehensive blend of antioxidants including polyphenols and carotenoids from raspberry, acai, Siberian ginseng and matcha green tea to help increase the body’s defences against oxidative stress and premature ageing. Trade price is £46.95 for 28 sachets. Call Daniele de Winter UK on 01980 590777

The mineral-rich formula

Collagen Lift Paris

Collagen Ageless is clinically proven to increase collagen density and can reduce wrinkles by up to 50%. It contains Verisol collagen, which works by affecting the collagen metabolism in the dermis, according to maker Gelita. Mineral-rich ulvaline seaweed extract is rich in essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and vitamin C is added for its antioxidant qualities to help the skin protect itself against free radicals. Trade price is £40 for 28 ampoules. Call 4 Beauty Group on 028 9044 9744

The powerhouse

Totally Derma

Aimed at the clinical end of the market, Totally Derma is a combination of bio-absorbable collagen, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid, formulated to deliver “visible improvements” in skin, hair and nails. The type of collagen used is arthred, a hydrolysed powdered bovine collagen used to strengthen cartilage tissue. Each serving of the powder contains 10,000mg along with more than 210mg of hyaluronic acid. Trade price is £52 per 360g. Call Boley Nutraceuticals on 020 3126 6795

The rapid repairer


Berry flavoured Collagen Shot combines types I and II Verisol bovine collagen with vitamins B6, C and E, zinc, biotin and copper. The liquid supplement is formulated to repair and support the body’s collagen formation processes. Verisol collagen works to address signs of ageing skin by targeting elasticity, firmness and wrinkles in the dermis, further than topical skincare can reach, according to the brand.

RRP is £34.95 for a 10-day supply. Call Proto-col on 0333 000 7788

The 30-day wonder


With a formula rich in micronutrients that aims to reduce oxidative stress and increase natural hyaluronic acid production, Skinade claims to improve skin in 30 days and has a peach and mangosteen flavour. Intended visible results include better skin tone, texture and suppleness. Key ingredient MSM is found in all living organisms and helps keep skin looking plump by improving collagen and keratin formation.

Trade price is £99 for a 30-day supply. Call Skinade on 0845 130 0205

The radiance booster

Image Skincare

Yana is a concentrated blend of patented bioactive collagen peptides, phytoceramides, biotin and antioxidants that aims to restore skin’s radiance. The brand says the peptides have been shown to increase skin firmness, reduce wrinkle depth and restore hydration, and their “higher” bioavailability allows effective absorption of ingredients into the body. Yana can be drunk on its own as a shot, added to water or blended into smoothies, juices or teas.

RRP is £99 for 437ml. Call Image Skincare on 0345 504 0461

The clinical approach

Minerva Research Labs

Gold Collagen RX is targeted at aesthetic clinics looking to offer an anti-ageing boost in conjunction with skin rejuvenation treatments. Along with bioactive collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, it harnesses active ingredients including fully digestible hydrolysed elastin, biotin, lycopene and bioperine, a black pepper extract clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients by up to 60%, according to the brand.

RRP is £50 for 10 x 50ml bottles. Call Minerva Research Labs on 020 3818 9440

The vegan option

Regulat Beauty

The key ingredient in vegan anti-ageing drink Regulatpro Hyaluron is regulatessenz, an enzyme solution concentrate of high molecular hyaluronic acid, biotin, zinc, copper and silicic acid, used by the body to cross-link collagen strands and support the strength of connective tissue. According to the brand, studies by German independent institute Dermatest also found stronger hair in 50% of participants and stronger nails in 45%.

Trade price is £75 for 20 x 20ml doses. Call Regulat Beauty on 020 8209 1404

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