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Next-generation customisable skincare tipped as key trend

Customisable skincare is set to be further developed this year, with “base” products that can be tailored with active additives, depending on skin’s needs.

Next-generation customisation is one of the formulation trends tipped to be big in 2017 by the Institution of Personal Care Science in Australia.

The update involves a base formula in serum, cream or crème-gel format and various complementary actives that the consumer can add, depending on the skin’s needs on any given day, rather than investing in a serum specifically formulated for dehydrated or acne-prone skin, for example.

These add-ons will have “easy dispensing units and clear instructions for true customisation and a happy consumer,” said the institute.

Some professional brands are ahead of the curve. Dermalogica’s Concentrated Boosters are serums that can be added to enhance a moisturiser, mask or exfoliant with firming, soothing, hydrating or renewing properties.

Clarins’s Boosters work in a similar way, with three additives that can be blended with moisturiser to energise, repair or detox skin, depending on what it needs.

In the treatment arena, Decléor launched its Aroma Blend massage last year. The body-shaping treatment uses a bespoke blend of essential and plant oils tailored to what the client wants to achieve and how they want to feel.

This article appears in the Professional Beauty March 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty

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This article appears in the Professional Beauty March 2017 Issue of Professional Beauty