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Australian Bodycare

Formulated to soothe sensitive areas post-waxing, Australian Bodycare’s Sensitive Skin Soother is a lotion containing healing tea tree oil, natural humectant lactic acid, irritation-relieving zinc sulphate and macadamia oil, vitamin E and beeswax. The lotion creates a barrier between the skin and any possible friction, like from underwear after an intimate wax. It is also designed to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Trade price is £9.50 for 100ml. Call KLM Beauty on 01892 750850


The pro nail brand has launched a Stainless Steel Nail File in its Naturale range. The double-sided file has a full-size disposable abrasive paper and strong yet flexible stainless steel base. It can be sanitised or sterilised in an autoclave. Paper refills are available in 100, 180 and 240 grits, and can be replaced between clients. There is an Intro Kit that can be sold at retail and a Pro Pack Kit.

Trade prices start from £5.99 for the Intro Kit. Call Cuccio UK on 0115 975 3656


The make-up brand has developed a brush cleaner to help keep make-up tools hygienic and in good condition. Cleanse & Condition Brush Balm is a solid balm packaged in a pot and infused with coconut oil and shea butter. On contact with damp brush hairs (brushes should be swirled over the balm) it dissolves make-up and helps soften hairs.

Trade price is £6. Call Gerrard International on 0345 217 1360


Salon System has launched the Gellux Express LED Lamp, which promises to cure Gellux gel-polish in 10 seconds. The ultra-fast lamp has a sleek, black gloss finish and space for five-finger curing. It also has a removable, raised base for ease of use during pedicures. The lamp has 21 watts with up to 30,000 hours of power, according to the company. Extra features include an automatic motion sensor and 10, 30 and 60-second pre-sets.

Trade price is £129.95. Call Salon System on 020 8573 9907


Resurfaslim combines a body exfoliator and toning product in one cream, described as having both peeling and slimming actions. A trio of alpha-hydroxy acids – glycolic, lactic and citric – along with marine AHA porphyra-conchocelis have a peeling action designed to increase absorbance in the skin of a biotech sugar called “global marine reshaper”, and pepper slimactiv, which Phytomer claims is eight times more powerful than caffeine in stimulating fat burn.

Trade price is £26.77. Call KLM Beauty on 01892 750850

Image Skincare

The Max is an anti-ageing line from Image Skincare formulated to support skin’s natural defence mechanisms and repair cellular damage. The products contain a blend of plant-derived stem cells and nutri-peptides to work on plumping the skin. There is Stem Cell Facial Cleanser to balance skin’s pH; Neck Lift, a neck and décolleté-lifting cream; and Serum, to target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is also an antioxidant night cream, mask and eye cream.

RRPs start from £32 for the 118ml cleanser. Call Image Skincare UK on 0345 504 0461


New to the Infinite Shine long-wear polish line are Primer and Gloss, a base and top coat that when used together promise up to 11 days of “flawless” wear. The products replace the original Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss and feature OPI’s “pro stay” technology, which offers less chipping in the primer, and a durable finish with an improved high-shine retention in the gloss.

Trade prices are £6.25 each per 15ml. Call OPI UK on 01923 240010


New to Voya’s Relaxing body care range is Effervesence, a seaweed a sugar scrub to leave skin smooth and nourished. The milky gel-textured scrub contains sugar particles and is infused with mineralrich fucus serratus and fucus vesiculosus seaweeds for their antioxidant, stimulating properties. The scrub also contains hydrating sunflower seed oil, antiseptic lavender herb oil and uplifting rosemary leaf oil.

Trade price is £17. Call Voya on +353 719 161872

La Beeby

The uniforms brand has released its 2017 collection after some internal changes. La Beeby is now a new division of Behrens Group, the textiles company it has been working with on production for eight years. New styles for 2017 include the Gisele tunic, with a faux crossover front, side tie and back zip fastening. It is available in black, grey, plum, chocolate and light navy.

Trade price is £29.50. Call La Beeby on 0845 055 6428


Baldan Group Play Skin

Tapping into both the sheet mask and beauty-tech trends, Italian beauty company Baldan Group has launched an innovative technology-led face mask to the UK market, which is operated via a smart phone.

Play Skin is an at-home device that uses microcurrent on facial muscles and cells, and claims to help regenerate skin in 10 minutes. There are four parts to the treatment. First, a hydrogel sheet mask made from camellia sinensis – packed with antioxidant vitamins, flavonoids and polyphenols – and containing hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10, is applied to the face.

Next, two electrodes are placed on top of the mask and connected to a smart phone via the phone’s earphone jack. The user downloads the Play Skin app and activates the low-density microcurrent energy through the electrodes, which works with the hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients in the mask to help improve skin’s hydration and radiance.

Finally, the user applies the Renewal Cream, (included in the kit) which contains glycolic acid and teprenone, to support the mask. The brand says the cream should be used daily and the mask once a week.

Trade price is £37. Call Baldan Group on 07852 970579

Lash Perfect

Developed to improve longevity and increase speed of application, Ultimate Russian Eyelash Adhesive can be used with both Russian and Russian Varia lash extensions. The adhesive’s consistency helps keep fans in place when picked up, stopping them from collapsing and so reducing the number of wasted lashes and speeding up application. The ultra-dark black pigment gives a professional finish.

Trade price is £31.95 for 5g. Call the Eyelash Design Company on 020 8500 9028


The aromatherapy spa brand’s new Aromessence Néroli Amara oil is a 100% natural oil-serum to boost skin’s hydration and radiance and soothe the senses. In the blend is one cold-pressed botanical oil, hazelnut virgin oil, and six high-grade essential oils: neroli, petitgrain, juniper berry, sandalwood, clary sage and sweet orange. The oil is billed as silky, nonsticky and non-shiny.

RRP is £46 for 15ml. Call Décleor UK on 0800 389 0349

Natural Spa Factory

New from Natural Spa Factory is Colombian Rush Body Scrub, a deep cleansing and stimulating coffee shower scrub made from Arabica coffee, cacao and natural sea salt. Mixed in is an oil blend of grape seed, green cardamom and almond oils with antiseptic, softening and antioxidant properties. The scrub doesn’t contain microbeads and is packaged in a black glass jar to protect the oils from being spoiled by sunlight.

Trade price is £85 for 4kg. Call Natural Spa Factory on 01225 582888


A blend of essential oils and plant extracts to help clients take a moment of solace from a busy day or stressful situations, Limited Edition Restorative Balm is in a small, travel-sized pot. The balm features Espa’s Restorative oil blend of sweet orange, rose geranium and lavender to help re-centre, ground and balance the body and mind in busy or anxious moments.

RRP is £15 for 15g. Call Espa on 01252 352230


There are five new tunic styles among Salonwear’s collection for 2017. Grace has black contrast lace panels on the shoulders and sleeves and an asymmetric zip, Dazzle has a cut-out neckline with contrast trim in a range of colours, Tranquillity has a faux asymmetric wrap in breathable linen, Moda has a v-neck, lace-up front and lace cut-out detailing on the sleeves; and Marco is a men’s style with an asymmetric v neck and wrap design.

Trade prices start from £26.99. Call Salonwear on 0871 5240 300


Swiss brand XYZ is introducing its Smart Collagen cream to the UK market. The cream is targeted at the professional market as a post-procedure skin healer after tattoo removal or skin resurfacing. Active ingredients work to recalibrate the decomposition and reconstruction of the dermis, boosting collagen to aid skin recovery. The brand claims the cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks, and has lifting and firming actions.

Trade price is £19 for 60ml. Call XYZ on 020 3476 6921

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